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My carpets | crochet Christina - My Work
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Hello, Cris! Okay? We love your crochet work! Congratulations! We at the Workshop on TV magazine staff would love to have you as a collaborator nordenta in some work step by step; you like to participate? Any time we are looking for someone to do, for example, pets crochet games, bathroom, embellishments for purses, among other pieces. If you have any interest, please send an email to or liah.naka @ Thanks and look forward to your contact. A hug, Eliana Nakashima
've Posted charts that I used to make my carpets.
All posts that have a sentence below them, means that there is a file on line magazine or graphic containing the template, simply click on it to download to your pc you want, everything here is free, if you find the you like just download.
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