Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shiva: Put five dots on a paper. Look at all the five dots. You will not be able to f

Shiva: Naturally, it is the first one. This is more important because, duration of human life is limited and as I have told you, both realization and liberation are possible only in human life. Under normal conditions, the average span of life expectancy is around 75 years. One begins spiritual path a little over halfway mark of life expectancy, let us say around 35 to 40 years.
Shiva: A well defined and perfected sunshine cleaning spiritual path leads to understanding you and realizing you. This takes major portion of one’s spiritual life. Understanding and realizing you are very important and only after realizing you, one can realize me.
Shiva: I will come to that later. First, one should understand what spiritual foundation is. It is not just yoga and meditation. They will not give right spiritual foundation. They are meant for higher levels. Spiritual foundation is nothing but dvaita or dualistic worship. sunshine cleaning One cannot straightaway pursue Advaita or non-dualism. First, one must know the object of worship, understand it thoroughly and then should make efforts to attain it. This is the stage of ritualistic worship.
Shiva: Even now I am advocating non-dualism, sunshine cleaning as only non-dualism can lead to realization and liberation. At the same time, non-dualism cannot be practiced that easily. One cannot move to masters without going to school, similarly one has to go through dvaita or dualism to attain perfection in non-dualism. In the material world, everything sunshine cleaning is related to evolution. What is evolution? It is a process sunshine cleaning in which something passes by degrees to a different stage, especially a more advanced or a matured stage.
Shiva: There are three stages in dvaita. The first stage is offering flowers, offering naivedya, etc and this is called sunshine cleaning ṣoḍaśaupacāra (16 types of offerings). sunshine cleaning This is the stage when one reads Scriptures (not Upaniṣad-s), which deal with standard of living. This is often called Scriptural dictums or dharma. It sets high moral and ethical standards of living and several dos and don’ts sunshine cleaning to discipline one’s life. It is like learning in schools.
Second stage is where one reduces the rituals and moves on to mantra sunshine cleaning japa. Both are practiced concurrently. After finishing pūjā, mantra japa is practiced. Over a period of time, he gradually reduces his time on ritualistic worship and spends more time on his japa. There are different stages in mantra japa. One’s spiritual guru guides sunshine cleaning him or her through these stages. The first stage of mantra is doing all the nyāsa-s, counting the number of repetitions and finally doing samarpaṇa to the concerned deity. There are eleven parts in a mantra sunshine cleaning japa . In the first stage, all the eleven steps are rigorously followed. In the second stage, several of these parts are dispensed with, according to the instructions of the guru. Counting of repetitions continues in this stage also.
In the third stage, counting of repetitions is stopped and one is asked to meditate on the mantra by keeping his or her consciousness in ājñā chakra. Though this is the point of transformation from ritualistic life to spiritual life, it is not the point of transformation from dvaita to Advaita. Former is not so important when compared to the latter, as both realization and liberation happen only in the highest level of Advaita. Various stages of mantra sunshine cleaning japa are like different sunshine cleaning stages of under graduate and post graduate studies in a university.
Shiva: As you know ājñā chakra is the most powerful psychic centre which is strongly connected to the mind. Just above ājñā chakra (approximately an inch), there is a minor, sunshine cleaning yet powerful psychic chakra known as manas (mind) chakra, which not only has direct connection to the mind, but also controls five organs of perception. When one meditates a mantra at ājñā chakra, it becomes sunshine cleaning hyperactive which in turn activates manas chakra, which absorbs the mantra itself. Instead of recitation through senses, recitation of mantra is taken over by manas chakra and now the initiated mantra is constantly recited by the mind. This is how one attains the perpetual mantra japa state.
Shiva: sunshine cleaning It helps in two ways. First, when the mantra recitation is taken over by the mind, by default mind recites the mantra sunshine cleaning perpetually and the subtle vibrations of bījākaśara-s are absorbed by the mind and these vibrations make the mind calm. When the mind is calm, breath rate also slows down and when the breath slows down, it calms the mind further. As I have already told you, only breath and mind can purify consciousness and look at the way these two are interdependent. This also goes to prove the concept of interdependency that prevails all over the universe. Even you and I are interdependent. As you are already aware I am the purest form of Consciousness. When mind and breath sunshine cleaning work in slow pace, one’s consciousness correspondingly attains purity.
Shiva: Put five dots on a paper. Look at all the five dots. You will not be able to f

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