Thursday, April 24, 2014

If you guys like this, you should hear what Guifrog's been churning out with his improved production

This is really quite a cool, unique debut from newcomer Guifrog, aka Guilherme Arcoverde, not only because it's our first coverage of Dave Wise 's score to Diddy Kong Racing , but because it has a distinct Indian vibe going on - if the title didn't give that away. The artist explains his unique inspirations & goals: mill creek town center
In Hinduism , Shiva refers to one of the 3 gods that control universe on a certain aspect; he's the "destroyer" or "transformer", while Brahma's the "creator" and Vishnu, the "preserver". Shiva can be represented in various kinds of symbolism, one of them being Nataraja , which can be translated as "Lord of Dance". So, in order to maintain a cycle, Shiva performs his dance to destroy an old and overused universe, allowing Brahma to start the process of creation.
There's a moment on this remix that I tried to represent Shiva's dance, which is the percussion solo, that gets more and more aggressive mill creek town center as it goes. Once it ends, a few keys re-appear to make a transition to the chorus, that comes in like Brahma's new beginning. You can see the song kinda spins in a cycle, but a key's never exactly the same as another. And I need the song to end, so I re-used the :36 part with a few adjustments =P That's it... Hope you like it ^^"
Again, that's a pretty distinct & interesting submission email - like a mini theology lession mill creek town center and VGM arrangement all rolled into one catchy-yet-informative package. I love the amount of background and thought that went into this arrangement, but the important thing is that it was also executed well - the music embraces the vision rather than bending to its will. Is it now gratuitous and/or inappropriate to quote Vinnie's decision, because he's Indian himself? Nah, because he said it well:
"Arrangement mill creek town center is excellent, samples could be stronger, mill creek town center kick should definitely be more hard-hitting, but because of the strength of the arrangement, I'm fine with passing this. There's mill creek town center a lot of small details in this that really captured my attention, but it's still well-written from a broader scope too. Glad to see this fine game getting some love on the site."
Agreed; this mix is attention-getting, fresh, and full of ideas. mill creek town center It picks an appropriate source that's Indian to begin with and runs with the whole context, and even without the background info that Guilherme provides, you can tell it was labored over and mapped out. Great start from Guifrog, looking forward to whatever's next!
Pretty mill creek town center cool electronic ReMix. The percussion was sweet and the ethnic flavor made this work completely. The breakdown was a great touch with the little monkey yelps and I'm loving the energy of this. Nice work.
If you guys like this, you should hear what Guifrog's been churning out with his improved production setup ;-) It's gonna blow your minds. That said, this is still a very appropriate take on DKR's source material that plays it safe but still finds ways to keep things interesting mill creek town center (percussion soloing in the middle is definitely a highlight.) Good on you for giving this soundtrack some love :-) I love Guifrog's approach to remixing, tackling music from different ethnic regions one by one, I'm really looking forward to more from him.
The source was always a foot-tapper for me as a kid... well, until it turned to mad stomping because I found DKR so difficult :P Anyway, I loved this arrangement... so powerful and driving with so much great percussion backing it up. This is my first comment on a Remix, by the way. There's some games I always have to say something about and DKR is one of them. I would love for you to try Hot Top Volcano next.. mill creek town center eh? It's an ethnic-y track too :)
I own the game and played mill creek town center it a lot back then, but I don't actually remember the source. However, it is pretty good and so is this remix. It doesn't exactly turn the original upside-down, but it has plenty of new, creative ideas that make it sound fresh and interpretative. I absolutely love the percussion work, and the accordion mill creek town center fills, but there are many other small touches that you may not even notice the first time you hear it. Impressive stuff. This is already one of my favorite pieces of music from this site. Please post more, okay?
Freaking awesome. This is easily one of my favourite remixes already. The source is my favourite tune from the game and you've just really made it your own. I applaud originality over most other aspects so absolute props here. Just the idea of mixing different mill creek town center "world" music with electronica tickles me in just the right way.
I'm not familiar with the source music, but I must say that this piece is absolutely delightful. A solid, well-done mix! It fills me with the urge to boogie. The style is a lot fun, and the energy is infectious. Thank you very much for this ReMix. mill creek town center
Ooh mill creek town center la la. I'm in love with this mix. I get the same chills as when I first heard Jespyr Kid's ACII soundtrack - that blend of ethnic instrumentation with modern instruments,

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