Friday, April 11, 2014

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I am a lover of onion and it's white, red, large or small does not matter! :) The only big problem is not so much the tears while I clean as the smell that leaves you on the hands. Here then are some of the most common remedies to eliminate the odor.
It seems that the most hype is that of '"steel" wash your hands under cold water and rub them with a steel spoon. They say that the molecules emitted carpet cleaning machines from steel eliminate the bad smell of onion.
meo ..... laura wrote:
I did not know the method of the steel spoon! lemon and toothpaste I tried them both ... and in fact the best toothpaste does not solve the problem! carpet cleaning machines thanks for this post because I have made known a method carpet cleaning machines in more!
I think that is the only solution of Thelittlepots really valid. The other methods that do not add another slight hint of that decided the onions. Wash your hands with the steel a little 'help, even in the case of preparation of fish, but does not solve the problem entirely. In short, at the end of the day, when you cook the onions, it ends up that they come to know everyone you meet!
heh heh ... But it is good :)
The next time burning on the stove peels an orange, certainly carpet cleaning machines lighten the atmosphere. But these are the "Grandma's Remedies", is not it? Well 'no problem.
I hate onion and garlic to the point that I can not stand too close to people in Asian / Oriental, due to their bad breath (their kitchen carpet cleaning machines is purely based on onion and garlic) carpet cleaning machines ... but, in spite of myself, it happens with anyone ABUSE of these two useless and smelly ingredients, do not escape anyone! :-)
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