Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Come on! All wear the badges that I created (the you can download, print out, stick on a card and a

Friends and fellow Hogwarts unite! Forget the old pranks and natural antipathies that our homes to feed on natural assignment! Slytherin, stop watching all from the top of your pure blood! Ravenclaw house of my friends, let us for once to act instinctively and are not always brooding! Hufflepuff, we need your zeal and your hardworking tilt! Gryffindor, it's time to pull out all your courage and let's pretend that we forgot to when you have given the House Cup in bare because Dumbledore was in love with that little boy with glasses!
Come on! All wear the badges that I created (the you can download, print out, stick on a card and appiccicarci a safety pin with a little 'glue behind and the staple is made)
Sure, some of you will say, logically we should not feel threatened in any way by a script that poraccio copy over the fact of being an orphan, half-breed, having fifteen years, do not know they have powers until adolescence, discover them, go to a school for demigods, aged maids make friends with a guy a bit 'stupid and a little' best friend and a girl a little 'know-it and a bit' cute, have a very strong enemy, always do what he says to the head without thinking too much about the rules, have some nice some strict teachers, each time having to solve a strange aged maids mystery, win ... besides all this, even dares to send to hell all that we, ten long years, seven long and seven books good movies, we taught the kids (and adults) today: hooray friendship and love (read: Snape) and not the fact of having magical powers and friends in high places (in his case Olympus) which is so think that they will solve everything.
PUZZI JACKSON! You reek of old, stale, banal, of the script. Fuck you laugh ... there's nothing to laugh about. R eciti bad, you have a fund that is worth special effects aged maids and crap, a development that even a five year old child with deficenz attention, the enemies of uselessness (a Titan. Gigante and made of fire - except you know news - plus there's already this year, and I would have liked him to be just what you face in the finale of this film UGLY. UGLY.
And I tell you something, dear PUZZI, it is useless to tell me that your books are better than the movie (it is the most used excuse by those who hate us to Hogwarts and argue that, for example, aged maids Katpiss and his gang of murderers are much better in the books) because IT IS NOT TRUE! I HAVE READ THIS FIRST - bad thing abstinence potteriana, mea culpa - and SUCKS! An unclean thing. Copied from row 1 to row END. And I just do not mind that the story is the same (orfano. powers. Schools. 3 friends. Etc..) Because ok, I can understand that the rules of a series aged maids for young people may also have been written years ago, decades ago (Wars Star), centuries ago, I get to say, and also what the great powers unexpected blablabl, ditto. But you copy me the individual scenes, and I'm not there. In this second chapter, just an example, you copied the whole scene of the Knight Bus, say, and it is only the small part of a drawing made with carbon paper.
Just think, worse than Twilight, at least that was not to break us of Hogwarts and went to Ravana Barbine the cravings of adolescents. You, however, PUZZI, you're ugly too! And we would like to do but look cute ... I'm brat, always lit with Filters ...
What then, the teachers at your school ... Tucci doing Bacchus and ... ah yes, the end! Gnegnegne. We have the McGraanit pappapero. And then also poor Tucci, an actor oscar that year had evidently just need to redo the tiles of the bathroom, because it has only made things commercial and ridiculous clothes:
PUZZI! And MAKE STINK ABOUT IT IS ALSO AROUND. And then at the end of the film when I read this I can see their own admission aged maids of guilt. But at the same time I do not give anything, because then you got to do, you know how many elves at Hogwarts us we work? Huh? Not to mention adding unnecessary characters like the Cyclops. But retires or ties to ... Ron is our King
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