Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Padua. At school they tell her, "You stink" maid flash Thirteen Romanian jumps from the window of Solesino The girl is still hospitalized Visited by school friends but not by classmates
Ferdinand Garavello PADUA (27 January) - Marginalized by classmates because "the smell of the Romanian", a thirteen-year-Solesino tried to kill herself by jumping from the window of the house. It happened a week ago, but only yesterday the story was made public. To disclose maid flash the reasons that led the girl to suicide groped Adrian Teodorescu, president of the "Alliance of Romania." Teodorescu has collected the testimony of the parents of the young man, who still admitted in the hospital Monselice. His condition is not worrisome, but will have to contend with a fractured leg. The girl received a visit of friends from school, but not that of his classmates. To end up in the storm now the institute including Solesino, maid flash where the protagonist odious episode - which we will call Mary - attended the seventh grade. Attending, in fact, because now he does not want to know more about returning to school. For some time the girl - explains Teodorescu - underwent a treatment and personalized by their classmates, in which the only immigrant. maid flash We never had problems with racism - says the pap, Romanian in Italy for many years - n us, our son nor the other smaller. But with Mary, when we moved in Solesino, with the beginning maid flash of the school year even started suffering. Suffering - continued the man, who works as a carrier - due to the wickedness of classmates who have not accepted because it looks different from them. Not wearing branded clothes, not the phone more fashionable and smells of Romania. The family, who previously lived in Ospedaletto Euganeo, he moved to Solesino few months. Now the association will present a complaint to the school principal, because it is open an internal investigation that may shed light on the episode.

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