Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Milan-Udinese in open court, the Court shall suspend the measure MILAN, October 11, 2013 The Rossoneri legal Cantamessa: "We did not ask for reference, but resulted in serious arguments." And the judges reserve a deepening According to the recent controversy arose about the closure of the San Siro stadium for the match Udinese-Milan, punishment sacrosanct seen the hatred generated by these people, and rooted housekeeping duties in the territory, and as usual is not applied in as such ... Here they felt all these leaders in both political and sporting say that this measure was headed only to elements mocking, teasing that classic feel during football matches, so just say to NAPOLETANI, smelling of shit, you should wash and that only the Vesuvius can cancel their smell is a teasing, even during meetings that do not see the team play of NAPOLETANI powers this playful mood and parochial ... right? So NAPOLETANI are justified in making housekeeping duties mocking chants, banners or goliardic, year-round football, singing loudly that the Milanese or the Venetians or the Emiliani are assholes and do not use just teasing her mouth to do but to suck many cocks and your ass is not shit but only to get banged ... AT THE BOTTOM if you say that one STINKS like shit just because you've seen on TV that left the garbage in the street because of the Camorra and the management of toxic waste in Italy which he had agreed to take the Camorra itself defacing one of the most beautiful places in the world ... you can also draw inspiration from the statistics where the data Istat said that the 74.8% of the population is gay conncetrata in the northern regions and centroitalia, with the highest peaks in England ... We have all the ass crack But you know, it's not discrimination, just teasing teasing. I'd like to see that same councilor who enters the city council in Milan with a sign: Obviously this is a provocation, because housekeeping duties to say that people smell like shit does not express any irony is just a form of racism and vulgar rooted in the very people who have been taught to see things in this way uncivilized. So if you say to a gay rottoinculo is the same form of racism to tell a Neapolitan who smells like shit and the same as saying nigger to a black man, it is light hearted, it's just lack of civility and the best way that you have to engrave in the minds of ignorant and uneducated is to pay fines in money, as could be in this case, the inability to watch the game while having the subscription
I increases of 50 paycheck and then you make me pay 60 for a health ticket??!
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