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In addition, I have submitted a written opinion to that by the extensive housekeeping jobs use of c

What kind of agricultural products and "good agricultural products" new perspective Main menu of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery of professional engaged in Food Watch Japan agriculture, food, and eating out? Recommendations from the future manufacturing and logistics modern material expedition rethink housekeeping jobs wine logistics improvement soybean transformation story of Professional Engineers of agriculture and food service housekeeping jobs to look know the soil, from the northern sky that use the soil to Hokkaido one's visit with cross (Y) retail and restaurant prosperity biotech scientific and legal food safety information new reading and writing bio read and write bio Uneyama laboratory Maryanski, which will tell you from the scene of the chain health food TV shopping to historical consideration Kaifuku of development notes whiskey culture of identity housekeeping jobs merchandisers secret value-added of You same + breakfast table books desk of curing screen lessons of science housekeeping jobs and GM eligibility tactics and strategies work calendar lore of food safety roller housekeeping jobs considered as "Chinese" and "Chinese" and? Profit and loss feelings ebook Samsung head office of food open in bonds and skill "Yoitomake" (statement) Samsung head office "Yoitomake" (cartoon)
In addition, I have submitted a written opinion to that by the extensive housekeeping jobs use of chemical, housekeeping jobs civil society organizations more than one, causing housekeeping jobs soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution and is feared. "Smell bathhouse Land," the ministry
(51) 2013 10 11 2009 (56) 2013 December (182) 2013 January (82) 2014 February (44) 2014 March (40) 2014 April 2014 Select back issues month March (56) April 2013 (66) 2013 May (64) June 2013 (63) 2013 July (54) August 2013 (51) September 2013 month (53) 2013 August 39, 2012 September 10, 2009 (43) 2012 November (144) 2012 December (69) January 2012 (64) February 2013 (67) 2013 (40), 2012 ( January 34, 2012 February housekeeping jobs 46, 2012 March 44, 2012 April 42, 2012 May 39, 2012 June 39, 2012 July 39), 2012 (40 June (15) July 2011 (27), 2011 August 40, 2011 September housekeeping jobs 10, 2009 (36) 2011 November 51, 2011 in December 2011) (39) 2011 (13) March (24) 2010 December (3) January 2010 (10) February 2011 (23) March 2011 (14) April 2011 (15), 2011 May 2011 (8) 2010 August (4), 2009 September 10, 2009 (5) November 2009 (4) December 2009 (5) January 2009 (4) 2010 year in February (3) 2009 (5) 2009 (6) 2008 12 January February (4) March 2009 (5) April 2009 (5) 2009 May (5) 2009 June (5) July 2009 (3) 2009 May (5) 2008 (June 7) 2008 July (4) August 2008 (6) September 2008 (6) October 2008 (3) 2008 November (4), 2008 month October (3) November 2007 (6) December 2007 (5) January housekeeping jobs 2007 (4) February 2008 (4) March 2008 (6) April 2008 (8) 2008 ( March (2) April 2007 (2) 2007 May (2) 2007 June (2) July 2007 (2) August 2007 (2) September 2007 2) 2007 (3 August (2) September 2006 (2) 2006 October (2) November 2006 (2) 2006 (1) December 2006 January (2) 2007 in February 2007) (2) January housekeeping jobs (2) February 2006 (2) March 2006 (2) April 2006 (2) 2006 May (2) 2006 June (2), 2006 July 2006 (2) 2005 The well-read (1) June (2), 2005 (July 2) 2005 August (3) September 2005 (2) 2005 (October 1), 2005 November (2) December 2005 year 10 secret big news of 2013 food articles that are of [2] ... health longevity thinking housekeeping jobs in risk theory the error ... product liability of "the mystery of Oishinbo / soy sauce" and the variety of food ... - New Year issue ... "This customer's decrease housekeeping jobs in improvement from the "If you cut the price ... and beyond Why? ... The fight against rumor-rumor quotient that sell the weather, such as "Umakatchan five pa ... temperature, humidity, wind and Organic Foods in panic ... / Lee ... the UK from its inception stage ...

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28 In that slingshot battle grass inevitable in 2014 - desperate development destination from the G

* 29 March: o is Kero < ) Kiratsu ned stevens . Oh oh'll is now acclaimed in physiological me! ! I do ... I thought this, filth-'s disinfection while looking at the fabric attached to the napkin! ! What the winner www'll have hit the five hundred Crack Fist of the North Star in the mean it was devoted fine but I feel that hit much spec subtle ned stevens care what it is because www'll is out first because did not dare Hyaku裂50.5% (ST128 rotation) mode troubled times retention ned stevens rates: (確変 when 1/92.8) troubled times inrush ned stevens mode rate hit probability 1/229.1 ... But <looks like the spec> about 75% distribution <navel> ned stevens 16R 確変(Support power 128 times): 50.0% (power ned stevens Support 128 times) 5R 確変: 0.5% (power Support 77 times) 4R Normal: 49.5% (power Support 128 times) <power Chu> 16R 確変: 70.0% 6R 確変 (power ned stevens Support 128 times): ned stevens 22% (power Support ned stevens 128 times) 1R 確変: 16R ball out 3 & 2 & 10 & 14 Average: 8% the number of rounds: 1Ror4Ror5Ror6Ror16R/7C Award counts honest and if much hit stand this 77 times or128 rotation: about 1450 or reduction of working hours It'll decided to hit the Hyaku裂 reluctantly mortar is has been removed already feel that the person who had hit the winner is win is the got to! win absolutely what today anyway! Red yellow hold pending change at 6,500 yen investment (www'll is red aura unlike ned stevens Kenshiro nothing but a blue aura) Dodododo~tsu de Dododododo! It's ~ disinfection filth say fifth time Kenshiro provocation notice that want to hit in the Seriously! ! Filth-'s disinfection! ! Filth-'s ned stevens disinfection! ned stevens ! Filth-'s disinfection! ! Muso Tensei Reach and-red Kobushi-o title from! ! W cut-in'll w virgin who is the reincarnation Muso www'll not a wet dream incarnated likely mistake Nde caution also hyper bonus and jackpot w of the room with giraffe pattern! ! This per but I wanted to about 10 stations, is really a four-way decent! Hundred fissure zone rush to Buttobashi ned stevens small fish that came fast-acting Hyaku裂 T-shirt goes out w ST Because elaborate Because Tsu then this it was all hyper! And 77 times through shorter working hours; of time since it would be won by Seriously balance -85,100 yen in March 2014 was 6,500 yen cash 16,000 yen Tasu9,500 yen investment ヽ is (TдT) Roh result quit by typing a little ('Д `) then This is not got to Hozai that you do not know of such things is pachinko evangelist another w! Pugya Oh Yeah! ! !
Freezing burst urethra freeze-drying of the Pokemon XY development theory] you! result www struck Akoumi Agnes turning around with the equivalent [24] 2014 Pachinko combat ned stevens armor Baibanira to breaking
Lelouch 5.1ch Blu-ray Box Code Geass: Lelouch (Limited Edition) of [Blu-ray] Code Geass: Lelouch Code Geass Boukokunoakito Chapter 1 (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray] Code Geass Boukokunoakito Chapter 2 Rebellion R2 5.1ch Blu-ray BOX of "Saki-Saki-National Edition" one (initial award: ned stevens comics with drawn new) [Blu-ray] "Saki-Saki-National Edition" two [Blu-ray] "Saki - "Saki-Saki-National ned stevens Edition" Saki-National Edition "three ned stevens [Blu-ray]" Saki-Saki-National Edition "four [Blu-ray]" Saki-Saki-National Edition "five [Blu-ray] six [Blu -ray] "Saki-Saki-National Edition" seven (first limited quantity Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
giant Mikasa Ackermann figma advance ned stevens (non-scale ABS & PVC painted figures moving) Magical Girl Madoka Magika Ultimate Madoka (1/8 Scale PVC Figure) Character Vocal Series 01 Hatsune ned stevens Miku Hatsune Miku deep sea girl ver. ( 1/8 Scale PVC Figure) Fleet collection - this ship - this Akagi Nendoroid Nendoroid-Island wind (non-scale ABS & PVC painted figures moving) ned stevens ship fleet Collection (non-scale ned stevens ABS & PVC painted movable Figure)
28 In that slingshot battle grass inevitable in 2014 - desperate development destination from the Garo [29 Kiumaken hold the slingshot combat 2014] 1 summarizes the garbage characters that do not need to be grown in [Third suparobo Z Inferno] ned stevens work now I was thought ned stevens I could win today Surely because we won large] yesterday, but ... I stand more interesting than 26] Garo FINAL its [Pachinko combat 2014 virgin both thing is not to think it keeps lose up to 27] when the [Pachinko combat 2014 something by typing Agnes orbiting more than 20 equivalent [25 the slingshot combat 2014] that fell completely clear up hard at last gate DIVAf2 Miku's [game story] angel really ~ no Damn it such as Mari is fitted ned stevens shit for two consecutive weeks [Pachinko combat 2014 Results www struck Akoumi Agnes turning around with a 24] equivalent to the [Pachinko combat ned stevens 2014 www it 's good to run away again with Tara painful really 100,000 loss ... that I continue March combat together ned stevens two months 23 In that slingshot combat 2014 Hyahha]! ! Filth freezing burst urethra freeze-drying of [Pokemon] XY training theory you wwwwww ah ah ah's disinfection! [deck recipe] This is the true figure of me Oh no Lulu-like performance of the absolute observance also manipulate me with the Kodopenishu [22] 2014 Pachinko combat armor Baibanira crashing! I say that my Dragonic Overlord "The Яe-birth" that I'll curse you all you guys with [21 Pachinkasu ned stevens the slingshot battle 2014! Final face of the Garo [20] 2014 Pachinko combat want was deep heat? The ((-_-;) Do you quit Renshaw of parent (No `) [Nainai second station JC Mahjong story Kero]) [Pokemon] XY development theory overwhelming handsome! Mafia tailwind of Pokemon world! (Pathetic sense) hooligan generals Pokedom just Pokemon ned stevens [XY] or nurture theory Let's stop just blue Effects ned stevens of Nero in the nearness [19] 2014 Pachinko combat Donkarasu of day and night! And what about actual scapegoat equipped mega Gyarados deck recipes [I] drag ruler? The Kaeseyo ned stevens time and my money [18 combat the slingshot 2014] w that was crossed ned stevens nascent shadow para deck! Fucking store! Hunting ban finally [Part 17] 2014 slingshot battle! I've hit Pachinko Monhan but yeah ... But, Gore Sugin cute Japanese hostesses Kojondo the glans Knock waterfall I have not w In Pokemon XY development theory] kimono / / / [Pokemon XY development theory] 如 of fleur-de-lis / fleur-de-lys's just figure that de-definitely if this gender ratio and w! As it became [16 the slingshot combat 2014] in March Kaenjishi virgin to I went Pachi night mood new [Pachinko combat 2014] February combat together your w ((((; Д )))) lost too QW guardian Kuesaru ned stevens No No - of the Vanguard story] infinite reincarnation recording've got good Kusso cute but / / / end [2] Pokemon story Rating Battle season! www official specification is too new to rose [Pokemon XY development theory] Pokemon world's most beautiful and w is a little more'll w [to model information] Pachinko Hunter hunting ban I'll be knocking Yan Nantes out with w pop'm Yamirami
Vocaloid (1)
Pokemon trainer heaven ned stevens _ sixth generation
Pachinko Pachinko Pachinko combat ned stevens practice scapegoat Agnes Lamb Anal 3 Eureka Seven El Typhoon Eva Eva Knock Off hurling sturdy old cute force 15 bullets 2014 FINAL GARO light xy Яe-birth "mischief sincerity inform mayfly unconventional 100,000 lost 6 Evan Geriwon'obaro ned stevens axis Card Fight Gachihomo Gyarados Kerokero Tan Code Geass Gold Shakin shadow Paladin shadow para scarf spec Sawk dildo deck recipes trainer card Drago Nick overload Drago Nick overload ned stevens "The de crown drill story Nero Haga Nehru pachinko Hula Dali blog box Pokemon Pokemon xy mandarin orange Mega Gyarados Mega sinker Monhan Kokorometsu zero kimono repel's model information infinite reincarnation Kibaokamikibaokami FINAL reality it is not exposed to Pokemon battle of the gospel vision ned stevens of the Yahoo auction Vanguard How to get balance bloom ocean malformation story starts very sweet virgin digital sixth-generation training evil theory Irokyo Kero parent continuous Sho-kin blue effect Mahjong Mahjong Mahjong ned stevens combat story missing Yukichi lose too Akoumi super idea
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Strengthening local Restoration everyone, the first high school baseball tournament Chiba Spring Ic

Prefecture Livestock barnstable ma Division that "currently, the vaccine are concentrated in the Kyushu region the damage occurs frequently, and not get the hurry to identify the route of infection and. Causes current situation, you want to prevent the damage from spreading" he said.
Strengthening local Restoration everyone, the first high school baseball tournament Chiba Spring Ichikawa torment (04/29 10:04) autumn champions starting to glare unified election (04/29 11:02) Tosei recovery student supporters Chiba prefectural police in the list delinquents support successful barnstable ma Chiba credit guarantee cooperation barnstable ma in fiscal 13 (04/28 16:18) pig epidemic diarrhea, corporate support of 11 percent, barnstable ma down financial institutions (04/28 16:38) subrogation barnstable ma two days 95 horses Chiba Prefectural Livestock newly second day Spring Chiba high school baseball tournament wins slugfest (04/28 11:29) anti-bullying tone, significant seven experts established Chiba Prof. near Narashino you Serikatsu Division (04/28 15:47) EJ, to Narita Chiba Kaiho (04/27 20:03) pig epidemic diarrhea called attention to the first day of the long weekend leisure accidents (04/28 10:26) sea to confirm facts prevention ordinance full-scale start-up in cases, newly Chiba 70 animals (04 / and over 27 19:39) barnstable ma and "Fuji-sai" the 3rd "hike from the station" next month, JR East (04/27 14:03) barnstable ma
City News
Chiba area, Chiba, Inage-ku, Chiba, Chuo-ku, Chiba City Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba City, Midori-ku, Mihama-ku, Chiba Wakaba-ku, barnstable ma Chiba city, Chiba Prefecture, west area Abiko Ichikawa Urayasu Kashiwa Kamagaya Shiroi City Nagareyama Narashino Noda Funabashi Matsudo Yachiyo Prefecture east area Asahi Inzai Oamishirasato barnstable ma City Katori Kujukuri-cho-cho, Kanzaki MachiSakae Sakura Sanmu Sosa City Wine and I-machi Shibayama-cho, Choshi Togane Tonosho-cho, Tako-machi Tomisato Narita Yachimata City Yokoshibahikari light-cho Yotsukaido Kennan area Isumi Ichihara Ichinomiya Otaki-machi Onjuku-machi Katsuura-cho, barnstable ma Kamogawa Kyonan Kisarazu Kimitsu Shirako-machi Sodegaura Tateyama Chosei village Chonan-machi Nagara-machi Futtsu Minamiboso Mutsuzawa town Mobara
English-Japanese second day, Narashino you Serikatsu to Narita second spring Chiba Prefecture high school baseball tournament wins slugfest closed down until the tournament baseball high school Chiba Spring Ichikawa afflict autumn champion from the 17th Amusement next month in Chiba Zoological Park to ride free decision Chiba City for a limited time bridge fried in Japan Rando opening LaLaport The suspicion Chiba central station Funa~tsu plus assault on Kujukuri eldest son in the car of his grandfather from death behind man killed 4-year-old girl is being hit crafted Mobara day, the train - such as Ichikawa station and 3 Division suspicion Chiba prefectural police investigation that stole cash from the event today the opening Chiba Spring High School Baseball direct sale place in ion Makuhari New City
Male mortality soccer adviser corporal punishment staff bruise was hit Limited Funabashi Kyo opening Chiba Spring High School baseball Mobara, the train tears best helper of Huffman shown [Chibatamashi] desperation, in Rando opening LaLaport barnstable ma and Shi became Fu was discarded pride, The three deaths barnstable ma the same physician performing a surgical operation immediately after surgery the first day Tokyo Gakkan cold start Spring County high school baseball tournament Serikatsu Kujukuri Takudaikoryo car grandfather from death behind Chiba Soga 4-year-old girl is conceived, Ken Chiba to study Narita deputy superintendent barnstable ma skill arrest of alleged dirty pants arrest woman Chiba, on suspicion of attempted murder Ken Cancer Center son bites father
In Asahidaijusho nursery barnstable ma decorations Ishii Hajime spring completion government's "toughening" proposed draft Masahiko Tsugawa's from large tower of national treasure Himeji Castle, removed enclosure construction to show appearance, three and a half years railway earthquake resistance, four years Nara, all mild Morioka, 64 people unknown to passenger barnstable ma aircraft search barnstable ma censoring Japan Self-Defense Forces withdrew two stores as "NARISAWA" from "Ryugin" empty "restaurant 50 of the World" released most forest fire evacuation or Noro infection J1, or fight with former pupil Paul Simon and his wife sued the home arrest Hamamatsu Tatsunaka as "difficult school corporal punishment of teachers", already released in second place separately lead resurfaced Kobe, Osaka and C win over Kashima
The site order local newspaper carefully your nationwide

Chiba area, Chiba, Inage-ku, Chiba, Chuo-ku, kronobergsbadet Chiba City Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba City,

Chiba Prefecture
Successful Chiba credit guarantee cooperation 13 fiscal support of the company kronobergsbadet down 11% financial institutions (04/28 16:38) subrogation second day tournament high school baseball spring Chiba Ichikawa afflict a list autumn champions (04/28 16: 18) pig epidemic diarrhea, second day Spring Chiba high school baseball tournament wins slugfest that Serikatsu 95 Narashino, Chiba Prefectural Livestock animals Division (04/28 15:47) EJ, Narita The new (04/28 11:29) Chiba Kaiho (04/27 20:03 anti-bullying tone, calling attention to the first day of the long weekend leisure accidents (04/28 10:26) sea to confirm facts prevention kronobergsbadet ordinance full-scale start-up in serious cases seven experts established Chiba Prof. near ) pig epidemic diarrhea, the 3rd "hike from the station" next month, (04/27 14:03) raise of "living JR East and around Chiba 70 head (04/27 19:39) and" Fuji-sai "newly first day Tokyo Gakkan cold start Spring County high school baseball tournament in Chiba prefecture center Serikatsu May Day (04/27 11:49) Takudaikoryo "the (04/27 10:15)
The man rear-end collision in the tunnel of death Katsuura (04/27 12:00) kronobergsbadet
Chiba area, Chiba, Inage-ku, Chiba, Chuo-ku, kronobergsbadet Chiba City Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba City, Midori-ku, Mihama-ku, Chiba Wakaba-ku, kronobergsbadet Chiba city, Chiba Prefecture, west area Abiko Ichikawa Urayasu Kashiwa Kamagaya Shiroi City Nagareyama Narashino Noda Funabashi kronobergsbadet Matsudo Yachiyo Prefecture east area Asahi Inzai Oamishirasato City Katori Kujukuri-cho-cho, Kanzaki MachiSakae Sakura Sanmu Sosa City Wine and I-machi Shibayama-cho, Choshi Togane Tonosho-cho, Tako-machi Tomisato Narita Yachimata City Yokoshibahikari light-cho Yotsukaido Kennan area Isumi Ichihara Ichinomiya Otaki-machi Onjuku-machi Katsuura-cho, Kamogawa Kyonan Kisarazu Kimitsu Shirako-machi Sodegaura kronobergsbadet Tateyama Chosei village Chonan-machi Nagara-machi Futtsu Minamiboso Mutsuzawa town Mobara
Chiba prefectural police investigation suspected of stealing cash from the direct sale place the first day Tokyo Gakkan cold start Spring County high school baseball tournament Serikatsu Kujukuri Takudaikoryo car grandfather from death behind man killed 4-year-old girl is being hit crafted Mobara, a train second day pig epidemic diarrhea Spring Chiba Prefecture high school baseball tournament wins slugfest, Narashino you Serikatsu English-Japanese and Ichikawa station and 3 Division, in Narita amusement park next month in Chiba Zoological Park to ride free of charge until 70 animals Chiba closed down anew Limited Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture Kyo opening spring high school baseball in the opening Rando LaLaport kronobergsbadet Shi Fu made tunnel of death Katsuura is man hit from the 17th
Narita Vice skill Superintendent arrested today kicked off Chiba Prefecture Spring High School baseball soccer adviser of suspicion kronobergsbadet of dirty pants for a limited time Funabashi woman tears best helper of Huffman kronobergsbadet shown [Chibatamashi] desperation, in Rando opening LaLaport and Shi became kronobergsbadet Fu threw away pride corporal punishment 3 deaths the same physician performing a surgical operation in Chiba prefecture kronobergsbadet highway expected immediately after surgery or the second half of the GW, Aqua daily congestion congestion peak staff bruise, and Chiba Soga in the Keiyo road Chiba, Chiba Cancer Center son bites his father kronobergsbadet to study prefecture, 20-40 generations 189 people lonely death in Chiba last year 20 people Matsudo, also voice record number of "abnormal kronobergsbadet situation" in available on the net, such as information leakage performance of 40 007 thousand persons arrested on suspicion of attempted kronobergsbadet murder
My Japan-US citizens of Yosakoi, large tower of alternating current national treasure Himeji Castle, removed enclosure construction to show figure in dance, 684 women Medal of spring, Habu-san et al misunderstanding pizza three and a half years as "homeless" kronobergsbadet in the NY record number of spring 5 win Barcelona Open Hyogo Prefectural Police tour, Buddha female prime minister is unknown Verification 20 000 head super CITES Secretariat tennis poaching year "prayed prosperity of the nation" kronobergsbadet Meiji Jingu shrine of the African elephant, and brocade to gear's shooting to be performed dementia male oversight, Aichi reported two years ago, one person died in the boy arrested four people parking on suspicion of murder, also seriously ill boy killing two of Aichi skirmish just before the incident
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Recently Full Contributor U ー ド を book ku と お percent san But expands te ku れ ru plastic ro

But zu Kei disinfection Pharmaceutical ta ド Ann ハ nn Dollars "PullClean" | 100SHIKI
Full independence ri manager words "charge"
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

If you guys like this, you should hear what Guifrog's been churning out with his improved production

This is really quite a cool, unique debut from newcomer Guifrog, aka Guilherme Arcoverde, not only because it's our first coverage of Dave Wise 's score to Diddy Kong Racing , but because it has a distinct Indian vibe going on - if the title didn't give that away. The artist explains his unique inspirations & goals: mill creek town center
In Hinduism , Shiva refers to one of the 3 gods that control universe on a certain aspect; he's the "destroyer" or "transformer", while Brahma's the "creator" and Vishnu, the "preserver". Shiva can be represented in various kinds of symbolism, one of them being Nataraja , which can be translated as "Lord of Dance". So, in order to maintain a cycle, Shiva performs his dance to destroy an old and overused universe, allowing Brahma to start the process of creation.
There's a moment on this remix that I tried to represent Shiva's dance, which is the percussion solo, that gets more and more aggressive mill creek town center as it goes. Once it ends, a few keys re-appear to make a transition to the chorus, that comes in like Brahma's new beginning. You can see the song kinda spins in a cycle, but a key's never exactly the same as another. And I need the song to end, so I re-used the :36 part with a few adjustments =P That's it... Hope you like it ^^"
Again, that's a pretty distinct & interesting submission email - like a mini theology lession mill creek town center and VGM arrangement all rolled into one catchy-yet-informative package. I love the amount of background and thought that went into this arrangement, but the important thing is that it was also executed well - the music embraces the vision rather than bending to its will. Is it now gratuitous and/or inappropriate to quote Vinnie's decision, because he's Indian himself? Nah, because he said it well:
"Arrangement mill creek town center is excellent, samples could be stronger, mill creek town center kick should definitely be more hard-hitting, but because of the strength of the arrangement, I'm fine with passing this. There's mill creek town center a lot of small details in this that really captured my attention, but it's still well-written from a broader scope too. Glad to see this fine game getting some love on the site."
Agreed; this mix is attention-getting, fresh, and full of ideas. mill creek town center It picks an appropriate source that's Indian to begin with and runs with the whole context, and even without the background info that Guilherme provides, you can tell it was labored over and mapped out. Great start from Guifrog, looking forward to whatever's next!
Pretty mill creek town center cool electronic ReMix. The percussion was sweet and the ethnic flavor made this work completely. The breakdown was a great touch with the little monkey yelps and I'm loving the energy of this. Nice work.
If you guys like this, you should hear what Guifrog's been churning out with his improved production setup ;-) It's gonna blow your minds. That said, this is still a very appropriate take on DKR's source material that plays it safe but still finds ways to keep things interesting mill creek town center (percussion soloing in the middle is definitely a highlight.) Good on you for giving this soundtrack some love :-) I love Guifrog's approach to remixing, tackling music from different ethnic regions one by one, I'm really looking forward to more from him.
The source was always a foot-tapper for me as a kid... well, until it turned to mad stomping because I found DKR so difficult :P Anyway, I loved this arrangement... so powerful and driving with so much great percussion backing it up. This is my first comment on a Remix, by the way. There's some games I always have to say something about and DKR is one of them. I would love for you to try Hot Top Volcano next.. mill creek town center eh? It's an ethnic-y track too :)
I own the game and played mill creek town center it a lot back then, but I don't actually remember the source. However, it is pretty good and so is this remix. It doesn't exactly turn the original upside-down, but it has plenty of new, creative ideas that make it sound fresh and interpretative. I absolutely love the percussion work, and the accordion mill creek town center fills, but there are many other small touches that you may not even notice the first time you hear it. Impressive stuff. This is already one of my favorite pieces of music from this site. Please post more, okay?
Freaking awesome. This is easily one of my favourite remixes already. The source is my favourite tune from the game and you've just really made it your own. I applaud originality over most other aspects so absolute props here. Just the idea of mixing different mill creek town center "world" music with electronica tickles me in just the right way.
I'm not familiar with the source music, but I must say that this piece is absolutely delightful. A solid, well-done mix! It fills me with the urge to boogie. The style is a lot fun, and the energy is infectious. Thank you very much for this ReMix. mill creek town center
Ooh mill creek town center la la. I'm in love with this mix. I get the same chills as when I first heard Jespyr Kid's ACII soundtrack - that blend of ethnic instrumentation with modern instruments,

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If you want to join the Gang, there is no better night than Mahashivarathri (27 th February). The pl

The Isha Blog Shiva the Ultimate Outlaw
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nfortunately, most people today have been introduced to Shiva only through Indian calendar art, where he is a chubby cheeked, blue colored man because that is the only face the calendar artist can do. The same chubby cheeked, blue hued man can either carry a trident , a flute or a bow, and is transformed into Rama, Krishna or whoever you want.
When we say Shiva, there are two fundamental aspects that we are referring to. The word Shiva literally means that which is not. Today, modern science is proving to us that everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. The basis of existence and the fundamental quality of the cosmos is vast nothingness. The galaxies are just a small happening, they are a sprinkling. The rest is all vast empty space, which is referred to as Shiva. So Shiva is described as a non-being, not as a being.
On another level, when we say Shiva, we are referring to the Adiyogi or the first yogi, who is the basis of the yogic science. Yoga does not mean standing on your head or holding your breath. Yoga is the science and technology to know the essential nature of how this life is created and how it can be taken to its ultimate possibility.
This being who is a yogi, and that non-being which is the basis of the existence, are the same, because a yogi is someone who has experienced the Union experienced the existence as himself. If you have to contain the existence within you even for a moment as an experience, you have to be that nothingness. Only nothingness can hold everything. Something can never hold everything. This planet can hold an ocean, sanitize but not the solar system. The solar system can hold the planets and the sun, but not the rest of the galaxy. If you go like this, you will see only nothingness that can hold everything. When we talk about Shiva as that which is not, and Shiva as a yogi, in a way they are synonymous, yet they are two different aspects. India is a dialectical culture, so we shift from one to another effortlessly.
This transmission of yogic sciences happened on the banks of Kantisarovar , a glacial lake a few miles beyond Kedarnath in the Himalayas. This predates all religion. Shiva started a systematic exposition of yoga in a scientific manner to seven disciples, the Saptarishis. He began propounding the whole mechanics of life, not intellectually as a philosophy, but experientially. He explored every nut and bolt of creation and brought forth yoga as a technology with which every human being can evolve consciously. This is a way of stepping beyond the limitations that physical laws impose upon us.
Physical sanitize nature has set laws within which all life needs to happen. But the fundamental nature of the human being is always longing to go beyond those limitations. Spiritual process is about breaking the laws of the physical, in that sense, we are all outlaws. Shiva is the ultimate outlaw. You can t worship him, but you are welcome to join the Gang .
If you want to join the Gang, there is no better night than Mahashivarathri (27 th February). The planetary positions on this night are such that there is a natural upsurge of energy in the human system. This process of raising sanitize one s energies to their ultimate pitch, sanitize to dissolve oneself and become a part of the cosmic oneness, sanitize has happened in abundance on this night. A nightlong festival has been established to make use of this possibility by remaining awake and keeping one s spine erect. May this Mahashivarathri be not just a night of wakefulness, but a night of awakening.
Thank you Sadhguru for offering these possibilities sanitize to us….
From what i’ve seen, this ‘gang’ isnt into beliefs, but rather direct experience. sanitize That is why everything works for them: silence, mantras, classical music, and rock n roll :) awareness makes everything sanitize useful.
Isha Foundation
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shiva: Put five dots on a paper. Look at all the five dots. You will not be able to f

Shiva: Naturally, it is the first one. This is more important because, duration of human life is limited and as I have told you, both realization and liberation are possible only in human life. Under normal conditions, the average span of life expectancy is around 75 years. One begins spiritual path a little over halfway mark of life expectancy, let us say around 35 to 40 years.
Shiva: A well defined and perfected sunshine cleaning spiritual path leads to understanding you and realizing you. This takes major portion of one’s spiritual life. Understanding and realizing you are very important and only after realizing you, one can realize me.
Shiva: I will come to that later. First, one should understand what spiritual foundation is. It is not just yoga and meditation. They will not give right spiritual foundation. They are meant for higher levels. Spiritual foundation is nothing but dvaita or dualistic worship. sunshine cleaning One cannot straightaway pursue Advaita or non-dualism. First, one must know the object of worship, understand it thoroughly and then should make efforts to attain it. This is the stage of ritualistic worship.
Shiva: Even now I am advocating non-dualism, sunshine cleaning as only non-dualism can lead to realization and liberation. At the same time, non-dualism cannot be practiced that easily. One cannot move to masters without going to school, similarly one has to go through dvaita or dualism to attain perfection in non-dualism. In the material world, everything sunshine cleaning is related to evolution. What is evolution? It is a process sunshine cleaning in which something passes by degrees to a different stage, especially a more advanced or a matured stage.
Shiva: There are three stages in dvaita. The first stage is offering flowers, offering naivedya, etc and this is called sunshine cleaning ṣoḍaśaupacāra (16 types of offerings). sunshine cleaning This is the stage when one reads Scriptures (not Upaniṣad-s), which deal with standard of living. This is often called Scriptural dictums or dharma. It sets high moral and ethical standards of living and several dos and don’ts sunshine cleaning to discipline one’s life. It is like learning in schools.
Second stage is where one reduces the rituals and moves on to mantra sunshine cleaning japa. Both are practiced concurrently. After finishing pūjā, mantra japa is practiced. Over a period of time, he gradually reduces his time on ritualistic worship and spends more time on his japa. There are different stages in mantra japa. One’s spiritual guru guides sunshine cleaning him or her through these stages. The first stage of mantra is doing all the nyāsa-s, counting the number of repetitions and finally doing samarpaṇa to the concerned deity. There are eleven parts in a mantra sunshine cleaning japa . In the first stage, all the eleven steps are rigorously followed. In the second stage, several of these parts are dispensed with, according to the instructions of the guru. Counting of repetitions continues in this stage also.
In the third stage, counting of repetitions is stopped and one is asked to meditate on the mantra by keeping his or her consciousness in ājñā chakra. Though this is the point of transformation from ritualistic life to spiritual life, it is not the point of transformation from dvaita to Advaita. Former is not so important when compared to the latter, as both realization and liberation happen only in the highest level of Advaita. Various stages of mantra sunshine cleaning japa are like different sunshine cleaning stages of under graduate and post graduate studies in a university.
Shiva: As you know ājñā chakra is the most powerful psychic centre which is strongly connected to the mind. Just above ājñā chakra (approximately an inch), there is a minor, sunshine cleaning yet powerful psychic chakra known as manas (mind) chakra, which not only has direct connection to the mind, but also controls five organs of perception. When one meditates a mantra at ājñā chakra, it becomes sunshine cleaning hyperactive which in turn activates manas chakra, which absorbs the mantra itself. Instead of recitation through senses, recitation of mantra is taken over by manas chakra and now the initiated mantra is constantly recited by the mind. This is how one attains the perpetual mantra japa state.
Shiva: sunshine cleaning It helps in two ways. First, when the mantra recitation is taken over by the mind, by default mind recites the mantra sunshine cleaning perpetually and the subtle vibrations of bījākaśara-s are absorbed by the mind and these vibrations make the mind calm. When the mind is calm, breath rate also slows down and when the breath slows down, it calms the mind further. As I have already told you, only breath and mind can purify consciousness and look at the way these two are interdependent. This also goes to prove the concept of interdependency that prevails all over the universe. Even you and I are interdependent. As you are already aware I am the purest form of Consciousness. When mind and breath sunshine cleaning work in slow pace, one’s consciousness correspondingly attains purity.
Shiva: Put five dots on a paper. Look at all the five dots. You will not be able to f

"Our breakthrough accomplishments with Nucleus and our other next generation products demonstrate th

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ACTON, Mass., April 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SeaChange International, Inc. (Nasdaq: SEAC ), a leading global multi-screen video software innovator, today announced the appointment of software development veteran Shiva Patibanda to the role of Senior Vice President iss cleaning and Chief Technology Officer. In this newly created position, Mr. Patibanda will direct the Company's technology strategy and contribute to its overall strategic growth initiatives, while continuing to lead the In-Home business.
As General Manager of SeaChange's Silicon Valley-based In-Home business, Mr. Patibanda leads the team that is responsible for the creation and delivery iss cleaning of the SeaChange Nucleus video gateway software. He founded VividLogic, Inc. in 1999, a leading producer of embedded software for television set-top boxes and other consumer electronics, which was acquired by SeaChange in 2010 and provided the foundation for the In-Home business.  iss cleaning
"Shiva has a strong track record for software product innovation and delivery for SeaChange's core video service provider customers," said Raghu Rau, CEO, SeaChange. "His entrepreneurial spirit and approach for working in close collaboration with our customers' technology leaders and standards-setting bodies has resulted in the creation of market defining products. I have tremendous confidence in Shiva's ability to lead our technology strategy and help ensure SeaChange's achievement of its strategic growth initiatives for expansion iss cleaning into new products and new markets."
"Our breakthrough accomplishments with Nucleus and our other next generation products demonstrate the capacity of SeaChange to introduce innovation and value for our customers," Mr. Patibanda commented.  "I'm iss cleaning deeply honored to step into the CTO role and help SeaChange to optimize its strategy and resources for the continued delivery iss cleaning of market-disrupting software technologies."
Mr. Patibanda has served as chairman of the Home Audio Video Interoperability consortium and also served on the board of the IEEE 1394 Trade Association. He iss cleaning holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from Louisiana State University. iss cleaning
Ranked among the top 250 software companies in the world, SeaChange International (Nasdaq: SEAC ) enables transformative multi-screen video services through an open, cloud-based, intelligent software platform trusted by cable, telco and mobile operators globally. Personalized iss cleaning and fully monetized video experiences anytime on any device, in the home and everywhere, are the product of the Company's superior multi-screen, advertising and video gateway software products.
SeaChange's customers include many of the world's most powerful media brands including all major cable operators in the Americas and Europe, and the largest telecom companies in the world. Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, SeaChange is TL 9000 certified and has product development, support and sales offices around the world. Visit . Press Jim Sheehan iss cleaning SeaChange +1-978-897-0100 x3064 Investors Monica iss cleaning Gould The Blueshirt Group +1-212-871-3927 iss cleaning
Day's Range: 9.96-10.13
GlobeNewswire , a NASDAQ OMX company, is one of the world's largest newswire distribution networks, specializing in the delivery of corporate press releases financial disclosures iss cleaning and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors and the general public.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Shiva lawsuit may be the first of several from the NGA. The museum acknowledges it purchased 21

UPDATE 2/15: The Hindu has revealed new evidence that the Shiva was stolen — a photograph of the bronze taken in situ some 30 years ago. Tamil Nadu police have confirmed the match, reports A. Srivathsan. Vijay Kumar has demonstrated previously that Shiva’s consort Uma was also stolen from the temple and is now in the custody of the US Government. As Kumar writes, “This should be more than adequate proof to seek the return of this bronze back to India and hopefully reunite the divine couple.”
UPDATE trayvon martin crime scene 2/14: I was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting trayvon martin crime scene Corp. about the latest development in the Kapoor case. The National Gallery confirmed to the ABC that they have contacted the Indian government to “discuss avenues for restitution” for the statue, which it now admits was likely stolen. Here’s trayvon martin crime scene the story and the interview .
The National Gallery of Australia has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Manhattan antiquities dealer Subhash Kapoor trayvon martin crime scene alleging the dealer and his staff committed fraud when they sold the museum an 11th century bronze sculpture of Shiva that had been stolen from an Indian temple.
The lawsuit, filed on February 5th in New York’s Supreme Court, alleges Kapoor, his gallery and manager Aaron Freedman “fraudulently induced NGA to acquire the Shiva by making misrepresentations and false assurances concerning the history of the Shiva.” The museum states that as a result of evidence the statue was stolen, the Shiva “now has, at best, clouded title and diminished or no financial and other value.”
We first revealed last June that the NGA’s Shiva had been stolen from the Sivan Temple in Tamil Nadu temple. Our post included this photo sent to Kapoor by an alleged smuggler trayvon martin crime scene in 2006 showing the Shiva soon after it was stolen. We published a copy of the search certificate Kapoor obtained from the Art Loss Register, and linked to the Tamil Nadu Idol Wing, which detailed its investigation of the Shiva’s theft in 2006.
The NGA’s response at the time: “there is yet to emerge any conclusive evidence.” In its complaint filed last week, the NGA states that a “concrete development” only took place in December, when Aaron Freedman , Kapoor’s gallery manager (above), pled guilty to six criminal counts , including forging provenance. trayvon martin crime scene
The NGA lawsuit, to our knowledge, is unprecedented. American museums trayvon martin crime scene and private collectors have returned hundreds of looted objects to Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, Cambodia trayvon martin crime scene and other countries in recent years. In nearly all those cases, dealers had provided standard warranties guaranteeing good title to the objects. And yet not one museum or collector had filed a similar lawsuit…that we know of.
Why not? For one thing, it will likely be difficult to collector from Kapoor, who is facing criminal trial in Indian and an arrest warrant in the United States. Perhaps more importantly, such a lawsuit could expose claimants to extensive discovery about their due diligence and possible counter-claims from dealers that the buyers knew full well the objects being purchased had been looted. Awkward.
If Kapoor defends the NGA lawsuit, the Australian museum could face these awkward questions. We know, for example, that NGA Director Ron Radford trayvon martin crime scene (left) personally met with Kapoor in his New York gallery. Might we hear Freedman or Kapoor’s version of what exactly Radford knew at the time?
The NGA attempts to forestall this argument by detailing for the first time the due diligence it conducted before buying the Shiva. The museum: Obtained a search certificate from the Art Loss Register. [We've explained here why the ALR is virtually useless for antiquities.] trayvon martin crime scene Confirmed the address of a previous owner who reported lived in Washington DC [But didn't, apparently, contact that person.] Consulted the Tamil Nadu Idol Police website [But didn't, apparently, contacting the police themselves. The site did not post information about the theft until it was discovered in 2008. Did the NGA never check again?] Checked Indian archaeological records and an Indian expert. [Whom they haven't named.] Relied on other documents and guarantees provided by Kapoor. [Which we now know were forged.]
The Shiva lawsuit may be the first of several from the NGA. The museum acknowledges it purchased 21 other objects from Kapoor’s gallery between 2002 and 2011, and we’ve detailed similar damning photos and f orged ownership histories for objects valued at nearly $10 million . The museum notes, “further work will need to be undertaken by the NGA to ensure clear title and accurate trayvon martin crime scene provenance of those works.”
Dear Mr. Radford, Greetings. Many of us are aware of the fact that a number of museums and galleries purchase and exhibit stolen arts. It appears that Australian National gallery is one such entity. I

Sunday, April 20, 2014

United Kingdom Marion True Forgery Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) France looting devious maids

The case of the looted Dancing Shiva statue has evolved very quickly. Andrew Sayers, the director of the National Gallery of Australia has resigned. And now the Indian government devious maids tv show wants the looted material returned:
The Indian government formally requested the return of a 900-year-old Dancing Shiva statue devious maids tv show from the National Gallery of Australia and a stone sculpture of the god Ardhanarishvara from the Art Gallery of NSW last week.
The Attorney-General’s Department issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the Art Gallery of NSW had “voluntarily removed” its sculpture from public display one day after it was announced the National Gallery would remove devious maids tv show its allegedly looted statue from exhibition.
Both artefacts were bought from antiquities dealer Subhash Kapoor, who is on trial in India for looting and wanted in the United States for allegedly masterminding a large-scale antiquities devious maids tv show smuggling operation.
A first secretary of India’s High Commission, Tarun Kumar, said it was “our expectation” both statues would be returned to India. “We expect a decision in that regard will be taken within the next month,” he said.
The Canberra-based National Gallery paid $US5 million for the Dancing Shiva statue in February 2008. The statue devious maids tv show was one of 22 items it bought from Mr Kapoor’s Art of the Past gallery for a total of $11 million between 2002 and 2011.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Livestream information can be found here -

ABOUT A Brief History & Future How to Use the Seed Library BLOG BRANCHES Locations & Map How to Create a Branch BEE INVOLVED maid agency Volunteer Events Listing Seedy Saturdays 2014 EVENTS The Seedy Zine Archive LINKS SEED SAVING RESOURCES Sister Seed Libraries Contact Us Start Seeding Today
Where? Rm 2214, OISE (252 Bloor St. W.) When? Saturday, March 29: Volunteer Orientation @6:30, Teach-In @8:30 What? Volunteer Orientation : Organize TSL volunteers . Teach-In : a live, free, public lecture on Earth Democracy by renowned environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva.
In the spirit of decentralized knowledge-sharing and radical self-education, you are invited to a LIVESTREAM TEACH-IN by renowned environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva on Saturday, March 29th, as she gives a free public lecture on Earth Democracy.
There is no lecture hall or community centre with the capacity to hold everyone who should hear her inspirational and empowering message. To over come this hurdle, the event will be Livestreamed from a hub location in Winnipeg, Manitoba to be accessed over the Internet from other locations near and far.
Livestream information can be found here -> accounts/7527353/events/ maid agency 2834498 (You will have to create a ‘livestream’ account ahead of time in order to view it!) ~~Toronto Seed Library Volunteer Orientation Meeting~~
Spring has officially maid agency sprung, sow it s thyme to get our hands dirty. The Toronto Seed Library is ripe for expansion, and has several volunteer roles to fill. It s come a long way since the dream sprouted about a year ago. There are now 8 branches, plus a travelling branch that appears at a variety of events throughout the seedy.
Interested in gardening, seed freedom, and gaining valuable knowledge and skills? Lettuce continue the momentum the Toronto Seed Library has already cultivated, and help this project grow deeper roots! Post navigation

On April 22, 2002, which is recognised as Earth Day, I was invited by women from a small hamlet name

The Ukraine Crisis and the Big Game: The Geneva Agreement Changes Nothing PTSD and Mental Health: How America enskede s Wars Came Home With the Troops Political Lying: It’s Legal. Obama’s First-Amendment Defense of Political Liars Global Cooling is Here Hidden Agenda behind CIA Director Brennan s Trip to Kiev: “Initiate the Use Of Force” in Eastern enskede Ukraine America has Become a Police State
“When it comes to the sustenance of the economy, women act as experts enskede and providers. Even though women s work in providing sustenance is the most vital activity, enskede a patriarchal economy treats it as non-work.”
Every movement in which I participated, I noticed that women were the decision-makers they decided the course of action and even were unrelenting in protecting the land and the sources of their sustenance enskede and livelihoods.
Women who were a part of the Chipko movement were protecting forests because deforestation and logging in Uttarakhand led to floods, draughts, landslides and other such natural disasters. It led to scarcity of fuel and fodder. It led to the disappearance of springs and streams, forcing women to walk longer enskede and further for water.
The dominant paradigm of forestry is based on monocultures of commercial species where forests are seen as timber mines that produce timber and generate revenue and leads to profits. The women of the Chipko Movement taught the world and me that timber, revenue and profits were not the real products of the forest; the real products were soil, water and pure air.
Today, science refers to these as ecological functions of ecosystems. Illiterate women of the Garhwal Himalaya were four decades ahead of the scientists of the world. By 1981, the government was compelled to stop logging in the Central Himalaya.
On April 22, 2002, which is recognised as Earth Day, I was invited by women from a small hamlet named Plachimada in Palghat, Kerala, to join their struggle against Coca Cola which was mining 1.5 million litres of water a day and polluting the water that remained in their wells.
Women were forced to walk 10 kilometres every day in search for clean drinking water. Mylamma, a tribal woman leading the movement, said they would not walk further for water. Coca Cola must stop stealing their water. These women decided to set up a satyagraha (struggle for truth) camp opposite the Coca Cola factory. I too joined them in solidarity and over the years supported them. In 2004, Coca Cola was forced to shut down.
In 1984, a terrible disaster caused by a leak from Union Carbide s pesticide enskede plant in Bhopal killed enskede 3,000 people immediately. Still thousands of children enskede are born with disabilities. Union Carbide is now owned by Dow, which refuses to take ownership of responsibility for justice. In 1984, as a response to the Bhopal disaster, I started a campaign, No more Bhopals, plant a Neem .
The women of Bhopal were also victims enskede of the disaster. But they did not let their hopes and fight for justice wane. For example, Rashidabi and Champadevi Shukla continued their struggle for justice. They also provide rehabilitation to the children born with disabilities. They have set up a Chingari enskede Trust to honour women fighting corporate injustice. In 2012, they invited me to give the Chingari award to the women fighting against the nuclear power plant at Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu.
In 1994, I came to know that the use of neem to control pests and diseases in agriculture has been patented by US department of agriculture and multinational WR Grace. We launched a neem campaign to challenge enskede the biopiracy. More than 100,000 Indians signed to initiate a case in the European Patent Office. I joined hands with Magda Alvoet, the president of the European Greens enskede and Linda Bullard, president of International enskede Foundation for Organic enskede Agriculture to fight the case for 11 years. On March 8, 2005, on International enskede Women s Day, the European patent office struck down the biopiracy patent.
Why there s a trend of women leading ecology movements against deforestation and pollution of water, enskede against toxic and nuclear hazards? I partly enskede believe that in the division of labour, it is women who have been left to look after sustenance providing food, water, health and care.
When it comes to the sustenance of the economy, women act as both experts and providers. Even though women s work in providing sustenance is the most vital human activity, a patriarchal economy which defines the economy only as the economy of the marketplace, treats it as non work.
The patriarchal model of the economy is dominated by one figure, the gross domestic enskede product, which is measured on the basis of an artificially created production boundary (if you produce what you consume, you do not produce).
When the ecological crisis created by an ecologically blind economic paradigm leads to the disappearance of forests and water, spread of diseases because of toxic

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Lawyers acting for the gallery claim a New York-based clean service dealership, Art of the Past, fr

The National Gallery of Australia has launched legal action clean service in New York after discovering taxpayers paid US$5.0m ($5.6m) for a statue that had allegedly been stolen.
Lawyers acting for the gallery claim a New York-based clean service dealership, Art of the Past, fraudulently induced the gallery to buy the statue by making misrepresentations and false assurances concerning the history of the Shiva .
Court documents show the dealer provided the gallery with sales receipts for the Shiva dating back to 1970. Subsequently the gallery paid for the item to be shipped to Australia, added to its collection, and paid for in two instalments.
But in July 2012, US authorities raided a warehouse belonging to the business s director, where they seized tens of millions of dollars worth of allegedly stolen art, including many Indian statues from a period similar to that of the Shiva. A principal has since pleaded guilty to multiple counts clean service of trafficking stolen art.
Based on information obtained ... the Shiva has lost its financial value, and its clouded title and notoriety means that the work cannot be promoted as a key work of art in the gallery s Indian collection, court documents read. Attempts to sell the work are unlikely to be successful due to the uncertainty clean service surrounding its past, the document went on.
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From pictures showing a 'five-star jihad' to identifying the most influential sheikhs helping to radicalise foreign fighters, three researchers in a basement at Kings College, London, have tracked and analysed the torrent of social media posts coming from Syria. William and Kate visit Sydney Opera House - video
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The consensus that children with disabilities are best educated in an inclusive classroom is in dang

My tien an men 9 year old, Zachary, is making his first shiva call. OK, technically it isn t a shiva, as the funeral is the next day. It is nichum aveilim tien an men — comforting the family. But there are people and food and nervousness, so he will remember it as his first shiva call.
We arrived early, and a child he knows is already there. They sit awkwardly together, asking hushed questions about why the mirrors are covered while they wait for their classmate, the younger sister of the boy who has died. She is out with some of the Israeli relatives who have swarmed the house, people who came because their nephew tien an men or cousin or grandson has died. It s hard to tell who is a relative and who is from the sizable tien an men Israeli expat community that has formed a circle around the family since Thursday, never leaving them without support.
Teenage boys. So many of them everywhere. The young man was popular in school, tien an men and his friends are there, trying to see if maybe the family understands more than they do. The family doesn t. No one does.
Whenever two adults have met in our town since this boy’s death, we ve shaken our heads. Three, we say. What s going on in this town? Three is the number of teen suicides we have had since the start of the school year.
The last two have been in my neighborhood: A boy and a girl who once attended our elementary tien an men school, back when they wore smaller shoes and had smaller problems. This is a tightly knit area of town, and everyone is somehow connected to everyone else. The girl who committed suicide babysat for us once, long enough ago that my children do not remember her in the steady stream of pretty, long-haired brunet babysitters. We didn t tell them what had happened.
This boy, however, had younger sisters, one of whom has been in Zachary s class for the past three years. There s no hiding tien an men that she has lost her brother. We briefly considered not telling him how the boy died, then quickly realized it was better for him to hear it from us. He still trusts us to be honest with him. Maybe he s too young to know about such things, or maybe he should see the kind of grief that suicide brings with it. It s a theoretical argument, because we didn t feel we had any real choice but to tell him.
So, now he s attending his first shiva. Later tonight, he will be shaken, unable to fall asleep and still asking why anyone would willingly give up his life. Like everyone else, we will have no good answers.
After an hour, I go downstairs to get him, waiting for the kids to finish a game of Mancala. I hug the mother — a woman I barely know — another time. I know the hug cannot possibly get through to where she is right now, but I cannot think of anything else to do. We re too old for Mancala. tien an men
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The consensus that children with disabilities are best educated in an inclusive classroom is in danger of hardening into dogma that risks re-stigmatizing children with severe or profound disabilities. Read more…
What to do about a child who wants to buy stock in marijuana companies? Should tien an men the fact that we probably don’t want our kids consuming the stuff mean that they shouldn’t try to make money off of it either? Three things to think about when it comes to children’s investing decisions. Read more…

I originally wrote this bit on Shiva for a book on the Horned God and during that process I tried ha

Shiva: Horned God of My Heart
I have been a devotee of the god Shiva for nearly fifteen years. While my experiences with Him haven’t quite been as dramatic as those with Pan, Dionysus, or Cernunnos; he still holds a place in my heart. On an emotional level I feel as if I understand Shiva, on an intellectual level when reading about Him I sometimes feel as if I’m reading about dozens of different hägersten deities that all just happen to have the same name.
Writing about Shiva presents a multitude of challenges for a variety of reasons. The worship of Shiva is a very real, continuing thing, and has been for over 3000 years. hägersten I worship several gods that have been a part of the historical record for at least that long, but they all have long gaps in their worship. Shiva’s worship has been constant, and he’s not a god re-emerging in the Modern World, he’s been an active part of things since he was first worshipped. hägersten Gods like Pan have been reconstructed to some degree to fit the modern age, Shiva has just always been. Any “tinkering” has been done on the fly.
There is also a large cultural gap that has to be bridged when writing about Shiva. Shiva is an Indian god, and his myth and worship hägersten have elements that are extremely alien to most of us in the West. In addition to that, Shiva s worship generally falls into the category of Hinduism, which is in its self a terrible and misleading term. There is no one Hindu religion, there are hundreds of traditions in India lumped under the word.
The idea that All gods are one is a very real one in India, and also contributes to the difficulties that arise when one writes about Shiva. In Hindu tradition Shiva is said to have 1008 names, which means that Shiva has appeared in various roles over the millennia, and in each role attributed to Shiva, a different name gets attached to Him. To further complicate matters, one aspect of Shiva might be vastly different from another one. Sometimes the only thing linking two Shivas is tradition. If a deity is traditionally thought of as Shiva, he is Shiva, regardless of how well that idea fits within the other aspects of the god.
While most of you out there have probably heard of Shiva, there is some debate over whether or not that is really even his name. Most anthropologists and religious historians spell his name Siva today, as most of the h s have begun to be removed from the Western spellings of Indian names. This brings them closer to the actual Indian pronunciation, but can be kind of confusing if it s not explained to you. I continue to use the word Shiva because it’s how I know Him, and He seems to always respond to it. It’s also the name most other people know the god by. (For another perspective on Shiva from a Modern Pagan be sure to read Shiva the Witch God by Niki Whiting.)
T his essay is not meant to paint a complete portrait of Shiva; instead it focuses on the attributes and aspects hägersten of His worship that I feel might most interest Modern Western Pagans. This might not be a completely honest approach, but it this is already a 4000 word article, it’s recommended that our pieces here run at 500 words. And instead of using his 1008 names I generally use the term Shiva when describing any and all aspects of the god. I chose that method because it was less confusing, and also because it s the one name of his that I use in my own personal practice.
I originally wrote this bit on Shiva for a book on the Horned God and during that process I tried hard to respect the traditions and culture(s) that Shiva arose from. Shiva certainly belongs to India and the people that cherish him so greatly, but I ve been lucky enough to be blessed with His light in my own life. This bit only truly represents hägersten my take on the god, and my experiences with Him; as a result my interpretation of the god might be a lot different from some of his other followers.
I often feel like my love for Shiva exists “in the broom closest” so to speak. I don’t invoke Him in circle and I’ve never lead a public ritual in His honor. He’s an Eastern god, and I feel strange about brining him into my Western style worship. My time with Shiva is something that happens in private, but I sometimes feel that the Shiva I know wants to be introduced to a wider audience. At the heart of it, Shiva is a phallic and horned god, and a popular one at that. He doesn’t need me to introduce Him to a wider audience; he’s on plenty of Contemporary Pagan altars and the like, but if by sharing hägersten this someone draws closer to Him alls the good.
Shiva is an ancient god, though how old is a matter of debate. The oldest representation of Shiva dates back to the Indus River Valley Civilization in 3000 BCE. (The Indus River Valley Civilization was one of the first truly great cultures in the world. The Indus River Valley is a part of a modern day Pakistan

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Many prominent intellectuals herald her as a forward-thinking scientist and expert in genetic engine

Vandana Shiva is a prominent Indian-born maintaining environmentalist who, for the past decade, has emerged as an international icon in the movement criticizing conventional agriculture and biotechnology. In the most recent sign of her celebrity status, earlier this month, Beloit College in Wisconsin conferred on her a prestigious honor as the Weissberg Chair in International Studies, maintaining calling her a “one-woman movement for peace, sustainability and social justice.
Whether that accurately describes Shiva is debatable there appears to be a sizable gap between her self-representations and the subjects she claims to be an expert on. However her status as a celebrity activist is not in question. Shiva s unbridled opposition to GMOs has made her a favorite in liberal and environmental circles. She hopscotches the globe, making frequent appearances at anti-GMO rallies, on college campuses and on lecture tours, most recently last week in Costa Rica.
Shiva has been referred to as a an eco warrior maintaining goddess by the e-Zine maintaining Punk Rock Permaculture, a rock star in the global battle over genetically modified seeds by journalist Bill Moyers and a global sustainability expert by the University of Kentucky. maintaining Time Magazine called her an environmental hero” in 2003 and Forbes identified her as one of the Seven Most Powerful Feminists on the Globe in 2010. She has more than 23,000 followers on Twitter and 43,000 on Facebook .
Shiva is perhaps best known for claiming that the introduction of genetically modified cotton seeds in India has led to mass genocide by poor farmers seduced by the ‘false promise’ of GMOs .
Vandana Shiva was born in the valley of Dehradun in India in 1952. Educated in her homeland, maintaining she eventually pursued graduate studies in Canada, receiving an MA at Guelph and a PhD at the University of Western Ontario. A dedicated activist, she founded Navdanya meaning Nine Seeds more than two decades ago. According to its website, its organizational mandate is to protect the diversity and integrity of living resources, especially native seed, and to promote organic farming and fair trade. Under her guidance maintaining Navdanya has evolved into a national movement.
Shiva is an energetic campaigner against globalization and a vocal critic of agricultural maintaining genetic engineering GMOs. She has written more than 20 books. In Biopiracy , Stolen Harvest maintaining and Water Wars , she examined the social, economic and ecological costs of corporate-led globalization. The Violence of Green Revolution and Monocultures of the Mind challenged what she referred to as the dominant paradigm maintaining of non-sustainable, reductionist Green Revolution agriculture.
Many prominent intellectuals herald her as a forward-thinking scientist and expert in genetic engineering. When Beloit conferred its honorarium upon her, and in accompanying news releases and the website announcement touting her selection, it prominently noted her PhD in nuclear physics, calling her a recognized expert on agriculture and biotechnology.
Shiva believes so. I am also a scientist a Quantum Physicist , she writes on her Navdanya website. The speakers bureau that represents her identifies her as a trained physicist. Hundreds of organizations and prominent journalists, from universities to Bill Moyers to National Geographic (which referred to her as a nuclear physicist turned agro-ecologist ), have represented her that way.
But those representations are incorrect. According to the University of Western Ontario, where she received her PhD, her doctorate is not in the discipline of physics, as she claims, but in philosophy. It focused on the highly technical and often politicized debate over a central notion in physics known as Bells Theorem, which has been called the most profound theory in science.
Perhaps foreshadowing her current contentious views about modern agriculture, Shiva concluded that quantum mechanics in physics was philosophically invalid and factually doubtful. The main thesis of quantum mechanics that she challenged has since been confirmed by experimental physics, meaning maintaining that her thesis stands at odds with factual reality. Independent of the quality of her philosophical research, it is a substantive leap to go from earning a PhD in the Philosophy of Science maintaining to self-identifying as a scientist, nuclear physicist or quantum physicist the various ways she refers to herself.
Shiva also claims to have written maintaining more than 300 papers a factoid echoed in almost every article or news release about her, including on Beloit s site. A query of Thomson Reuter s Web of Science (research platform for information in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities) returns only 42 records of peer reviewed papers or publications authored by Shiva since 1980.
Shiva subsequently abandoned her formal pursuit of philosophy, switching her focus to agriculture, plant breeding, genetics, biology, toxicol

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Before I can grasp it with my mind, this painting has already saturated and immobilized me. What am

Before I can grasp it with my mind, this painting has already saturated and immobilized me. What am I looking at? Not so much a painting as a force. Before me is a medium-sized vertical rectangle with what seems like a figure (that would be Shiva). At first I only know this by his head in the iconic center two-thirds the way to the top though to focus here is impossible as the face drops into the painting like a stone into water sending out waves of imagery dry cleaning prices to the painting dry cleaning prices s edge. This is not the usual visual tour signposted by the kind of composition I am used to experiencing from paintings. It is a challenge not to get atomized and redistributed into the field, which I m feeling could well be the painting s stealth function.
Take Shiva s head as the place to start. Then relax and feel your peripheral vision pulled outward dry cleaning prices to where one face duplicates into a perspectivally receding tower that telescopes to the very apex of the painting. This is not a one-track action but a string-theory multi-verse ascending cascade of heads. They turn in profile dry cleaning prices facing both right and left as they climb, diminishing as they go, forming a pyramid dry cleaning prices of heads, selves and eyes seeing in each direction and dimension.
Meanwhile some other piece of visual consciousness grapples with the radial array of arms haloing Shiva ( wait – it s two figures as Shakti mirrors Shiva in an embrace). Visually sliding along the arms you find you can t stop because they busily proliferate outward in a ripple pattern of yet other arms, ever-smaller arms, tree-rings of them. When they run out of mudras (magical hand gestures), they clutch attributes (figurines of power). Beyond dry cleaning prices this they are capped off by miniature enlightened beings that make for a ticklish dry cleaning prices cilia-like fringe. All this before you reach the actual mega-flame that holds the whole ensemble within its mandorla eye. At this point your eye might fall off the ground which is also the figure and see littered beyond in the inky field, dry cleaning prices galaxies in an expanding space which are in fact other flames holding other Shiva/Shakti pairs amidst their own fans of hands, heads and flames, each larger or smaller dry cleaning prices depending on where they fall on the spatial/relational continuum.
Such proliferation and profusion defies description as well as defense mechanisms and implies that just as the deity holds and beholds everything at once- a form of generous ubiquity- by seeping into the painting the viewer also is ubiquitous in a generous universe.
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