Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When territorial centers of social service offices operating day stay disabled, assisting in their

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It's no secret that a person with disabilities järfälla live more difficult chymz gifts. It is not easy and you know it. Meanwhile, help people with disabilities, their families can support the services provided by the territorial centers of social services. Moreover, they are often free or very cheap. Of what service can take advantage of people with disabilities and ihsemi, told us dyrektarTTsSAN Central district of Minsk Inna Gerasimova.
It is today one of the most popular services. The nurse carries out patronage and social järfälla care for the sick, the elderly and immobile järfälla people uhatnih conditions. Exercising patronage, it all their working time will be next, if necessary perastsele bed, will give the ship will change diapers, warm up the food, feed, pamyeposud. But injections or other medical procedures, buying food at the store or paying utility bills in nurse duties are not included.
Now in Belarus there are many agencies willing to find you a nurse. Territorial social service centers (though not all) also provide similar services to those who have completely lost the ability to self-sufficiency and movement (supine).
This service - one of the most expensive. Hour of a nurse from the local social services centers Minsk population järfälla stands at daytime pabudnyah 19980 rubles hours (from 22 hours to 6) - 23 250 rubles, and vvyhadnyya and holidays - 28140 rubles.
In this case we are talking about the so-called "social holiday" - the liberation of parents, other family members järfälla on the care of a disabled järfälla child - so they can decide Kaabi accumulated family and domestic issues. Social respite can be set for up to 28 days per year. (When the possible, this service is not available TTsSONov and boarding houses fixed.)
When territorial centers of social service offices operating day stay disabled, assisting in their social, labor and psychological rehabilitation.
People with disabilities are engaged in here making souvenirs, drawing, going out and visit various circles. The staff teaches them the minimum skills needed self-service heating food in the microwave, järfälla washing clothes järfälla in the washing machine, etc.
For example, in day stay TTsSONov Central district is a social library, gym, juice bar, living area, there are mugs "Porcelain and Ceramics", "Musical Kaleidoscope", järfälla "plague handles" järfälla and others., Clubs "Relish", "Sheet soul "(for parents), theater.
Social standard provides that if a disabled järfälla child grows in an incomplete family, then it may be provided free of charge nurse on weekdays for up to 20 hours per week (until a child reaches 4 years of age). Social standard as defined short babysitting (daytime on weekdays no more than 4 hours per week), including for families with disabled children under the age of 4 years.
Special transport services, "Social Service" available free for disabled TTsSONov first group and wheelchair users, disabled children under 18 years old, unemployed disabled the second group older than 70 years with pension järfälla does not exceed 150% of the minimum järfälla subsistence budget.
For the second group of non-disabled people aged over 70 who have pension exceeds 150% of the minimum subsistence budget, payment in Minsk set at 19,500 rubles (15% of this value adbazavay) one way trip and did not depend on the distance.
Social taxi can help a person get to the social facilities: clinics, pharmacies, shops, järfälla concert hall, airport, bank, and also help in the delivery järfälla of technical equipment necessary järfälla reabilitatsyi.Pry - adveztsii back home. In this case the disabled must be accompanied by someone. Machines järfälla equipped with special lifting devices for wheelchairs and seating for four passengers.
Territorial centers of social services for the population of the capital issue coupons for free hot

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