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We know that the native Andorid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from the start, is no longer using USB Mass Storage mode and the use of MTP. MTP proposed by Microsoft, there is no problem in Windows, but in Linux is very bad, Linux Mint 13 install gmtp very unstable, PC connection Nexus 7 often wrong. The thought ClockworkMod 10.1 can use USB Mass Storage, but after a failed attempt, How to activate USB mass storage and developer options on CyanogenMod 10.1 a text description of the "USB mode switch for SGS1 on CM", according to the software instructions how to remove grease stains apply only to the brush CM9 Samsung Galaxy how to remove grease stains S, Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as Samsung Galaxy Note, the other did not find a viable way to apply Nexus 7. You're talking nonsense! Who says a later version of Android 2.x does not support Ad hoc wireless hotspots? Based on my Meizu MX 1.1.8 Andorid 4.0.3, but even a perfect Ad hoc! Who Andorid from 4.0 can not be used after the USB Mass Storage mode?
If you look closely at the text, you will find that I am talking about is a native Andorid, which is the Nexus Galaxy (Google three sons), Nexus 4/7/10 native android device, such as a machine, they did as noted above. Rather than native Andorid machines, such as Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei and other machines are based on a modified version of the native Andorid castration, they still maintained a hold Ad hoc Internet sharing and USB Mass Storage mode. Online information that simply does not support the native Android Ad hoc mode, you can use Infrastructure mode, a simple patch can be, why should tear down conversion ClockworkMod?
Occasionally visiting foreign forum and found a can achieve how to remove grease stains wireless transfer files and manage Andorid Application Web client wireless devices, he called AirDroid, transfer files very quickly, but also manage SMS, telephone, APP and so on. Since it is a Web client, then it is surely a variety of OS-take it, Linuxer will be very happy! AirDroid with 91 assistants similar, but unlike the 91 assistants so hooligans. Highly recommended! Due to copyright issues, ClockworkMod are no Google applications installed after a brush a Google Apps too much trouble, I was too full of flour, I bother.
In fact, ClockworkMod does not include Google applications, but you can brush and then brush the same way ClockworkMod called gapps package, then Google applications on all back, after brushing ClockworkMod native Android system with little difference, I started to have similar questions, but brushing feel great. If you do not brush gapps package and downloaded directly from the Google Play other markets such as the installation it will go wrong, and brush gapps package like play, GTalk and so back, use the same Google account management machine.
unlocking a bootloader: often referred to unlock, but unlock prone to ambiguity, because the unlock can be understood as the mobile operator to unlock custom machine can also be understood as unlock a bootloader. Brush said unlock when referring to the latter. You can understand, handset manufacturers such as HTC, etc. To give you only use it to provide ROM, etc., he would bootloader how to remove grease stains locked up, no way no words to unlock the brush machine operation, set HTC boot directly into a system.
Internal storage: We know there are memory and hard drive on PC, you can understand the Internal storage on the hard disk PC, but he's not the physical carrier is Flash drives. Such as Nexus 7 16G, 16G of the nominal ROM (Flash size), but remove the system files, leaving about 13G or so, you can put 13G understood as Internal storage, use USB to connect the phone and PC, you will find more on the PC a partition how to remove grease stains as Nexus 7, you can see the open Internal storage, display it in the file browser for mobile phones / sdcard directory. 16G-13G 3G around the rest of the space is used to store system files such as / root, / data, etc., and Linux file systems is similar.
Brush ClockworkMod needed files (Nexus 7 as an example) Android SDK (required over the wall), after decompression in <sdk> / platform-tools adb and fastboot can see much more. ClockworkMod Recovery, download it moved into recovery after the next <sdk> / platform-tools directory that need. ClockworkMod's ROM, download Nexus after it shifted under / sdcard directory how to remove grease stains 7, that is to brush the ROM. According to Ad-Hoc (IBSS) mode support for Android 4.2.2 article, "15.04.2013: CyanogenMod merged IBSS support for Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7", how to remove grease stains therefore after April 15 Nightly how to remove grease stains version of ClockworkMod certainly available, but Bloggers previous version can not be determined. gapps package, download it to move it to the next Nexus / sdcard directory 7 to brush Google applications.
Then, we use fastboot to install recovery:
Note Replace the file name.
Note 1: Under Windows brush back the original method in which a generation wifi version of the Nexus 7 codenamed nakasi, second generation Nexus 7 wifi version, code-named razor, a distinction (All information how to remove grease stains will be lost, back in advance addition, Meizu MX Brush does not. SD card can affect the data). Brush back the native 4.3 after, though no longer how to remove grease stains need to unlock, but need to re-root, method, see nexus7 root Refer Google nexus7 a key root tutorial (of course also be used perfectly Brush the link describes brush back the native Android how to remove grease stains and unlock a station to get very convenient)
Note 2: ClockworkMod or whether it is native, though Debug debugging open (Enable "USB debugging" by going to Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging, If you don't see the Developer Options, go to Settings -> About Device and tap your device Build Number repeatedly until these options unlock.), plug in the USB under Windows, but you may encounter is not displayed Nexus7 letter MTP, PTP mode and normal problems (using the same 360 Mobile Assistant is unable how to remove grease stains to connect, the prompts to install the driver fails ), then you can try the following:
What are you looking? how to remove grease stains Keyword search about it searches: Revolver Maps
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