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The work Volozhinski RKBA its director LV Akotchyk. In addition, guests were able to see firsthand

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Last week, on the basis of PMC "Volozhin RKBA" Field board took control sofa cleaning of public services, Minsk region. It was attended by Head of Consumer Services of the Ministry of Trade VA Levkovskaya, head of consumer sofa cleaning services area LL Pulko, Deputy Head of TV and JV Myanzuranka Butrevich, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee A. . Brezovsko, heads of public service organizations and other area.
On board summed up the socio-economic development of the sector in the I half-year, there was much talk about the implementation of social standards for consumer services, and also considered sofa cleaning the results of the monitoring control.
The work Volozhinski RKBA its director LV Akotchyk. In addition, guests were able to see firsthand sofa cleaning how work is organized sofa cleaning in the House of life in the district center, familiar with the work of its manufacturing base - sawmill, carpentry and welding shops, fabrication shops and funeral wreaths karzinak and processing of agricultural products, as well as rural complex reception centers "Bogdanov" and "Cherry."
Today Vałožyn RKBA, which includes House of Life in Volozhin, laundry, industrial base and complex-12 reception centers in rural areas - is the underlying structure that provides personal services area. If you need to repair your clothes or shoes, TV equipment, household sofa cleaning appliances, enterprise workers are always ready to help. RKBA offers 19 types of consumer services, some of which are dry cleaning, laundry, photographs, custom tailoring, curtains. 11 services selected as socially significant. Relatively recently appeared and gazonakashenne, restoration and complete cleaning of down-feather products, perform welding work here, melyats grain, make wooden fencing, outdoor toilets, pergola, providing a full range of funeral services. By the way, recently received raybytkombinat sofa cleaning logging ticket from forestry and now he is engaged in timber sofa cleaning harvesting.
Constant challenge domestic sphere district employees - not only to expand its range of services and products, but also to improve their quality. Using the fact that the jersey is now experiencing a so-called "second birth" Volozhin House of Life is constantly increasing production sofa cleaning of it, and all this thanks to the industrial chain stitch machine. Affordable blouses and tunics, jumpsuits, baby clothes are in demand by residents. Increased volumes and special sewing work clothes. sofa cleaning Gradually updated equipment sofa cleaning coming young professionals.
"We sew quality, modern and only Belarusian producers of tissue, sofa cleaning so we know what we are doing step to success. Attract buyers and affordable prices ", sofa cleaning - says deputy director of Volozhin RKBA IL Gray. Enjoys great demand today as local residents, and organizations, institutions manufacture of decorative curtain products. Initially, this service was offered as an experiment, and then the employees of the company realized that it is profitable. Volozhinskaya bytoviki already sofa cleaning beautifully "dressed" window to the executive committee, selispolkomah. Recently received an order to update the curtains at a local restaurant "Isloch". "Yes, and apartment or house can be decorated without sofa cleaning the high cost, our curtains are cheaper than in many stores," - says Inna L.. Who can say with confidence that the expert found a buyer.
According to the social standards in the region must act 10 PPC. Today, there are 12, which are 18 types of services. Work on household services in rural areas is constantly improving, expanding the range of services and products sofa cleaning for sale, improved catering service. Life in the countryside should be no worse than in the city. The whole area is divided into service areas, each of which has a CAT, which padchynyaetstsa about a dozen villages. In villages and posted information, where to go for this or that service.
The management and employees of the regional industry has a lot of creative ideas, pans, and most importantly, the desire to work. Therefore, the result will not be long in coming. This have been reported in the debriefing of the college.
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