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False passport and a weak correlation was hijacked airliner carpet cleaning machines how to appease family lost contact piracy because many systems are now streamlined system, the lack of windows in some non-essential system files, which have been streamlined out a file , and lead us not to install the modem driver, as long as the files are copied from the complete system can solve this problem this mysterious system file is Mdmcpq.inf file, it does not, cause when you install the driver INF error occurs, carpet cleaning machines so You can not install the modem driver Workaround: Copy Mdmcpq.inf files from your computer to other computers path is the path is C: windows / inf, inf then Mdmcpq.inf placed carpet cleaning machines within this folder can then continue to link the phone - into the device Manager - right click on the exclamation mark - update the driver - the next step on it. I need this Mdmcpq.inf upload, download their own. Here is the installation MTP-driven approach: a, Win XP SP2 + WMP9 XP SP2 has just launched its own version number of Windows MediaPlayer 9.0 (now mostly pirated systems integration is WMP10), WMP9 does not support carpet cleaning machines MTP devices Only WMP10 and later MTP device that has the drive, so in order to successfully install the MTP device, you must install at least WMP10 or later. If your WMP version number is 9, so hurry to upgrade it. 1 Install Windows MediaPlayer10 or 11, we all go to Baidu download. 2 MTP device installed after installing WMP10 restart the computer, connect an MTP device, the system will prompt the discovery of new hardware, follow the prompts all the way to the "Next" to complete the installation. Two, Win XP SP2 + WMP10 XP system we now use the most integrated WMP versions are WMP10, carpet cleaning machines there is no installation problems in theory, but in fact a lot of players are using a pirated streamline the system, although the version of WMP 10 But lack of support MTP device driver. If your system is XP SP2 + WMP10, carpet cleaning machines but can not successfully install MTP device, the installation appears: "An error occurred while installing the service installed in this paragraph INF is invalid", please refer to the following methods: (1) Click Uninstall WMP10 "Start" "Run" in the Run box, type "" C: \ Program Files \ Windows MediaPlayer \ Setup_wm.exe "/ Uninstall" (excluding the outermost quotation marks) and click "OK" will pop up Rollback dialog box, after the restart to complete the uninstall of WMP10. 2 Reinstall WMP10 I do not say this with reference to the previous step in the address to download and install it. 3 MTP device installed under normal carpet cleaning machines circumstances, when MTP device connected to your computer will prompt the emergence of new hardware, follow the prompts to complete the installation. But sometimes appear even reinstall carpet cleaning machines WMP10, the computer still can not prompt the emergence of new hardware, the situation MTP devices can not be installed. In this case, the author estimates carpet cleaning machines are part of the player when not properly before installing the driver of the "Do not prompt me to install carpet cleaning machines later" (which probably means that the device is set to MTP, specifically remember how to say ^ _ ^ ). How to solve? Then read on: 1) Go to Control Panel to open Device Manager 2) Click the Refresh button carpet cleaning machines to refresh carpet cleaning machines the device 3 MTP device) Double-click on the exclamation point 4) select Update Driver 5) Do not choose carpet cleaning machines the third search 6) automatically selects the first item Installation 7) wait-ing three, Win XP SP3 + WMP11 Windows SP3 integrated is the latest WMP11, players use this combination of introduction of new installed capacity carpet cleaning machines is very large. Since most computer city installed using a streamlined system carpet cleaning machines or Ghost system, which often appear to use some of the problems. If you can not install MTP device in the system, you can refer to what method to solve the problem: Uninstall WMP11 1 Click the Start menu Start, select Run in turn enter C: \ WINDOWS \ $ NtUninstallWMFDist11 $ \ spuninst \ spuninst.exe C: \ WINDOWS \ $ NtUninstallwmp11 $ \ spuninst \ spuninst.exe restart the computer carpet cleaning machines 2. After installing WMP11 download you will get a "Windows Media Player v11 official simplified Chinese version. exe" file. WMP11 installation program will detect whether your system is genuine, if you are using a genuine system, you simply double-click to run the installer, if piracy system, you also need a few more steps before they can properly use WMP11. 1) Make sure your system is installed WinRAR 2) Right-click "Windows Media Player v11 official simplified Chinese version. Exe", select "released here." 3) in order to run umdf.exe, wmdbexport.exe, wmfdist11.exe, wmp11.exe carpet cleaning machines four executable file, restart the computer to successfully install WMP11. carpet cleaning machines MTP device connected to your computer will automatically install, if you can not install, please refer to the second paragraph carpet cleaning machines of point 3 of this article. 4 individual MTP device carpet cleaning machines supports only flash the firmware in WMP10, carpet cleaning machines such as ZEN Micro, if you want to update the firmware how to do? Very simple, as I said the way to uninstall WMP11, then install WMP10 on it ^ _ ^ four, Vista + WMP11 Vista system comes with a WMP11. Vista and XP systems differ in Vista is not uninstall WMP11, and not only that, Microsoft's official website did not provide WMP11 forVista standalone installation carpet cleaning machines package to download, to install WMP10 even not talk about it. Given the special nature of the system platform if you use pirated Vista system appears unable to install MTP device's case is not by uninstalling, installing WMP method to solve. My advice is to refer to the operating section 3:00 of the second paragraph of this article, if you still can not resolve, may be re-install a the system.
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