Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Media Transfer repass Protocol, is based on the extended PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) protocol is mainly used to transfer media files, which is a valuable application synchronization license DRM files. MTP protocol currently supports only WMP10 (Windows Media Player repass 10) and WMP11 (11 Windows Media Player) in two versions, WMP11 added support for Playlist and Album art in access to the media file information when GetObjectPropList instead of GetObjectInfo command WMP10 .
MTP's Yingyong points two roles one as Initiator, another as Responder. For example: WMP (Windows Media Player) is the Initiator, and portable media player device is as Responder. Initiator Responder replies repass are passive repass command will not take the initiative to send commands. The main purpose is to transfer media files (Media File), and from (to) the device associated metadata, remote control devices repass have an optional extra support, read and set device parameters, such as special DRM-related restricted content device repass parameters. The device can also send events to the host (event).
MTP can be implemented on both the USB protocol can also be implemented on the TCP / IP protocol, it belongs repass to the upper application repass protocol, without concern for the underlying transport protocol. Currently, most applications are based on the USB device protocol. MTP device repass support on the market have a Motorola Z6, U9, E8, as well as the Sony NWZ-A81X series. All in all there are more and more devices start to support MTP. Microsoft officials have a PlaysForSure certification, if your device by Microsoft this test, it will give you an authorization PlaysForSure logo.
To a friend's laptop is XP, the home computer is XP media center, repass but wmp is version 10. So we must first upgrade to wmp 11. Downloaded the wmp11, can be downloaded from Microsoft's website, but is validated, and relatively slow, so it wants to download it directly from reliable domestic sites. Please note wmp11 then is to be genuine validation, friends are genuine computer to the laptop is mandatory pre-installed, PC is dedicated Media Center PCs, of course, genuine Media Center Edition XP. But for the trouble, I still find a little free validated method of installation. In fact, as long as the first installation process (the exe file), use winrar to open, extract it to a directory. Then install umdf.exe respectively, wmdbexport.exe (after this click without any prompting, but it seems on the line), wmfdist11.exe, wmp11.exe four documents on the line.
As a reminder, note 2 software installation, and can not be directly repass loaded onto an SD card, even use some software to the SD card does not work. And note 2 phone memory is not large, but also smaller than S2, the nominal 16G, usable repass only about 6G, so we should pay attention when installing the software, repass some data may be relatively great software, then put the data path is set to SD card on. Otherwise, the phone's storage quickly repass filled. I used to use 3 word cloud dictionary, because graphic. But word thesaurus file has 3G, but fortunately you can set to the SD card, then delete the phone store. Otherwise, look up what was gone.
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