Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recall that the minimum consumer budget is the cost of acquiring a set of consumer goods and servic

Minimum consumer budget increased
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The country has set new dimensions minimum consumer budget (MCB) in the prices of December last year. Since February clean 9 for various clean 9 categories of the population, they will increase by 6,7-9,2%.
Recall that the minimum consumer budget is the cost of acquiring a set of consumer goods and services to meet the basic physiological and socio-cultural needs of the person. So, according to experts, the main expenses BCH family of four in prices in December 2013 are as follows: Food - 53.2%, clothing, underwear, shoes - 21.3%, housing and utilities - 5.7 %, personal services, transport and communications - 6.6%, furniture, cultural and household goods - 7.8%, sanitation and hygiene items, medications - 2.1%, cultural activities and recreation - 1.6% , fees and payments - 1.7%.
Due to the increase of the living wage on average per capita in February will be recalculated minimum and social pensions, allowances, and increasing pension supplements.
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