Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prague accent Examination mildew removal Freedom Online conference Blitz analysis Liberty Zone

Zheliba: "On the eve of elections utilities will not increase mildew removal greatly"
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Prague accent Examination mildew removal Freedom Online conference Blitz analysis Liberty Zone
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Belarus will gradually increase tariffs for housing and communal services, but purposefully so that they accounted for 15% of the average consumer basket. Now they account for 7-8%. This was stated by Minister of Economy Nikolai Snapkou. Why the Belarusian authorities, despite the economic necessity mildew removal for years can not be solved significantly increase the cost of utilities? Alexander Lukashenko can go on raising utility tariffs for half a year before the presidential election? These questions are answered economist Boris Zhaliba. - So many years the Belarusian population mildew removal hears threats that utility rates will rise. But actually mildew removal Belarusians pay the cost of utilities, approximately the same proportion as 5-10 years ago. By the way, what is the figure? mildew removal - Ministry of Public Utilities gave different figures. As I recall, historically the highest - 40 percent of the cost, but then the figure dropped. Once Lukashenko spoke and criticized officials said they need to see how many people actually pay - can not 30 percent, and all 60. In market economies, people pay one hundred percent of these services. Flat fee is considerably higher, but much higher and salary. And we have these conversations are that you need to follow the advice of our creditors - the IMF and Russia. However, until now the process does not go, and we hesitate to somewhere between 20-30 percent of the cost of the payment of utilities. - And why the state does not go to such a seemingly mildew removal obvious step many economists: people to pay 100 percent run competition and the market in this area - and the state instead to raise salaries? mildew removal - The answer is simple - because mildew removal the economy in its current state can not provide this level of salary that we pay at least not one, but 80 per cent. To achieve this, you need to carry out structural reforms to market standards. But this is not done, so the situation in this area the same one that was. Of course, we are forced to pay a little more, and this will affect the quality of life. State understands how dangerous due to increased social tensions. - Minister of Economy Snapkou when he spoke of the smooth increase in tariffs was not talking about a specific time. Given that over half of the year should a presidential election - whether the government will take the risk in this year and next to a substantial increase in housing and utility tariffs? - I think not risk. And the main reason you mentioned - on the nose elections. Social tensions authorities is not necessary.
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