Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Need to consider crystal clean the issue of improving the differentiated tariffs for housing and co

Who consumes a lot - and he must pay more
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Need to consider crystal clean the issue of improving the differentiated tariffs for housing and communal services. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the State Control Committee Alexander Yakobson at the meeting of the working group to study the problematic issues in the housing and communal services, BelTA has learned.
According to Alexander Yakobson, formation of tariffs for housing and communal services crystal clean (HCS) - one of the most complex issues, there is no clear understanding of not only the population, but also from local authorities. "We will not just get a clear understanding of these issues, but also to suffer just the right solution that will form later in the draft a single document for improvements in the housing and communal services", - said the head of the SCC.
Director of the Department of pricing policy of the Ministry of Economy Igor Fomin noted that public policy of pricing in housing and communal services aimed at ensuring the availability of these services to the public and balancing crystal clean the interests of consumers and producers of housing services. Igor Fomin focused on the fact that in recent years has significantly reduced the proportion of the cost of housing and communal services in the income of an average family of three (and now this family pays for utility services to about 3% of their income) . At the same time, based on a calculation in January-May this year, the population covers only 27.3% of maintenance costs, 14.6% - for heating, 16.1% - for hot water, 13.7% - for sewer, 75 % - for garbage and recycling crystal clean collection (including 100% in Minsk), crystal clean 17.8% - for the use of a lift, but in the whole Utilities - only 14.3%.
Decision to increase tariffs for housing and communal services crystal clean received are not recorded largely at the level of reimbursement of the cost of providing public utility services, said Igor Fomin. As a result, for a fixed budget funding for the provision of utility services is constantly increasing burden on enterprises due to cross-subsidization, which reduces the competitiveness of products.
In the current circumstances, crystal clean the state can not subsidize all consumers of utility services, it is too costly and impractical because big load falls on the budget and the real sector of the economy and, most importantly, does not encourage people to save. In fact, it turns out that subsidies for housing and communal services - through budget and cross-financing - enjoy virtually all service users, regardless of their income. Huge funds "smearing a thin layer" crystal clean for all service users - both rich and poor people.
The most controversial debate crystal clean was the issue of differentiation of tariffs for housing and communal services and the desirability of returning to the mechanism of non-cash provision of housing and utility crystal clean subsidies for the most vulnerable social groups. As shown, the differentiated tariffs to stimulate consumers crystal clean of services in order to monitor the level of consumption of certain services, while avoiding unjustified cost overruns in excess of established standards. This in turn leads to the saving of resources on the production services.
Participants of the meeting crystal clean agreed on the need to improve the mechanism of differentiated crystal clean payment of all types of housing and communal services. It is also advisable to set reasonable rates for heating (for 1 sq.m total area of premises) and under

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