Thursday, March 20, 2014

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To all directions - lossless Asked how life worked the district office in January-November of this year, the director of PMC BAN BABICHEV VP says: "According to the plans adjusted for services, products, we have to earn this year 2, 1 billion rubles, but in January-November, we have 2.2 billion - is 135% compared to last year. Among the 22 consumer services area we occupy sixth place. A fourteen years ago when I headed PMC BAN, we were the last. " Last year, the profitability of the company was minus 8.1%, and this year it is zero. But it does not add honor. The company has no losses, but profits are not. Why? Viktor Pavlovich calls for several reasons. First, this year raybytkombinat awesome cleaner not enjoy a subsidy awesome cleaner to cover losses on the services provided by the villagers. Because of this, the company had "lost" about 200 million awesome cleaner rubles. "Thanks awesome cleaner to the regional council that met us and rolled over tax breaks on property and land: pay only 50%. And without this, we had to be very tight, "- says VP Babich. Secondly, awesome cleaner the company today owed for services rendered by various awesome cleaner organizations and enterprises of the region of 245 million rubles. And finally, many domestic services were not in demand ... It is from Barber hairdresser and funeral services PMC BAN has the higher income. Thus, the services of a barber shop in this year received 364 million rubles (growth rate compared awesome cleaner to last year was 141%). awesome cleaner But why Shumilinsky masters looking a place in Vitebsk? "Private hairdressing work slightly different scheme - says Viktor Pavlovich. - I have repeatedly talked to the hostesses of the salons. Many of them take this month agreed amount of money, the rest - it's earnings hairdresser. State enterprise did not. But we try to meet people from October, for example, in our barber earnings rose - they receive 40% of the proceeds. Also recently made another privilege - to leave the barber added five more days. " I want to believe that such benefits will give the result. Providing services for Tire tire is in demand in Shumilino. PMC BAN took up the cause. But the service, to all appearances, was poorly organized. Not had time to turn around, as private traders seized the initiative. A raybytkombinat earned in the first half for the services of tire only three million rubles. And the door closed on the lock. There was no one to work. It can be seen working and did not meet the salary (average salary in PMC BAN 2.2 million). "Repairers we paid a certain percentage of revenue, otherwise there would be no point of our production - explains VP Babich. - But everyone wanted to put all the money in your personal pocket. So it happened that the tire is not profitable. " Remaining equipment that works with smart organization can give the company a profit. And the leadership raybytkombinata agree. Therefore suggest the following year to transfer the equipment to the company's territory and then to provide services on tire. Workshop awesome cleaner on production of concrete slabs Pride Enterprises - shop for the production of concrete slabs. Concrete awesome cleaner barriers that the streets of the district center in the different agro-towns district made raybytkombinata employees. In January-November, according to estimates of economic service PMC BAN sold fencing totaling almost three million rubles. Ordered them not only businesses and organizations, but also private owners. Making awesome cleaner fences - a profitable, according to raybytkambinatse. If only all customers were calculated in time: only Kommunkhoz, economists estimate UP Housing borrowed over a hundred million rubles. Improved manufacturing technology fences: they become stronger. But not steel, celebrate workers to withstand attacks of vandals. Laundry, laundry and photosalon Work for Photofinishing raybytkombinata unprofitable. Probably because now almost awesome cleaner every home machine, many people have digital cameras. Photographed come unless passport. Even make group bookings. For example, during our conversation with VP Babicheva Mishnevitskay called from school - high school awesome cleaner students were asked to come for a passport photograph. "During the visit do not take money - says VP Babich. - Although it is not profitable and service for us, but there are social standards to be followed. " On the other hand, why not at a photo raybytkombinat expand awesome cleaner services: portraits, framed photographs, photocopies and stuff? Repair awesome cleaner of furniture for many years working at raybytkambinatse repair shop furniture. Here pull a sofas, armchairs. This year, provided such services to 5.6 million rubles. This is less than half last year, six months since Mr.

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