Sunday, March 23, 2014

He success lindström immediately in sight - in the updated rooms Cams

Forecast for 2 weeks
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Availability of household services to rural residents in the required amount guaranteed by state social standards. However, the situation is different and obvious: dog house in the countryside required package of measures to improve efficiency. Most often complex reception lindström centers in the village, and even district of service centers which are unprofitable. What's the deal: demographics and low income of the rural population, or a lack of initiative and flexibility of employees in public service? Is it possible to survive without lindström a dog house trade and industrial production? These issues were the focus of vice-chairmen and heads of regional executive committees of service centers Minsk region at a seminar which was held at the PMC "Berezina RKBA" at the end of June. The seminar was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee on Economics AG Turchin, executive committee chairman Berezinski SD Lenkovets, Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Minsk region MV Sheko, Head of Consumer lindström Services of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus, VA Levkovskaya, head of the trade and services Minsk regional TM Ablyak, Head of Research, "Management of public services Minsk region" LL Pulkovo and her deputy ZH.U. Budrevich.
Berezinski combine public service repeatedly during the workshop has been named as a positive example - an example of how to develop and generate revenues. A little over two years ago there seemed impossible to get out of debt, pay for debts, tidy building RKBA.
- We need to discuss and come to a conclusion in which direction consumer services - said opening the seminar LL Pulkovo. - Must factories consumer services provide only domestic services, and not engaged in trade and manufacturing related products? Although many in these fields is done in the Berezina RKBA that brings some success.
He success lindström immediately in sight - in the updated rooms Cams

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