Friday, March 21, 2014

From handkerchiefs to a huge range of bed linen, blankets, pillows, mattress covers, work and sport

Their professional holiday team Klichevskiy UKP "Bytuslugi" meets in a good mood. Reason - 2nd place in the annual economic litrail competition among regional groups of consumer services for the year 2012 and the Diploma of the trade and services Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. Incidentally, such a success with local bytoviki not the first. The year before, the company ranked litrail first in the country litrail in the same competition last year klichavlyane in the area were also second. litrail Today, the company litrail has a population of around 10 types of consumer services, including repair and tailoring garments, shoe repair, litrail barber shop, a rental, photo services, funeral services, manufacturing fencing and concrete constructions to order and others. And certainly qualitatively, litrail in a certain time frame. For 22 years now given the case Tatiana Alexandrovna Bielawski, director of the company today. Led the team eight years ago, when it was in deep crisis. A 2012 UKP "Bytuslugi" has already sold garments population litrail only 2.02 billion rubles! During its activity the TA Belyavskaya repeatedly awarded. As an experienced specialist, Tatiana organizes activities to improve the management process of consumer services. Under its governing duction expands the scope of public litrail service, is being re-equipment, material and technical base, introduced measures to improve the efficiency and quality of services provided to the population. Most of the team - business people tested and the time at which the head and makes a bet. Among them - the demands litrail of complex acceptors reception centers Elena Naryshkin (Dmitrov PPC), Valentina Lyubchik (Ostrovsky PPC), Galina Kravchenko (Zapol'skii PPC), Raisa M. Efremov (Dovgavski PPC), Warehouse Manager Galina Matyushenok, chief accountant Natalia L. Rusetskaya, shoe repairman Nina E. Smal, hairdressers Stasyukevich Natalia, Natalia Kastsyan, Veronica K. Goncharov driver Vladimir D. Rakowski and others. Service life Klichevskiy UKP "Bytuslugi" has positive dynamics and plans to increase the total volume of services based on demand.
UKP "Bytuslugi" Facts & Figures: Consumer Services population has Klichev House of Life and 10 comprehensive collection points, located litrail in the countryside. In 2012 the company opened litrail a new plant making products from knitted fabric. At their own expense (which is 74 million rubles) purchased here new imported litrail technological equipment: Sliding table averloki knit sewing machines, knives raskroechnyya. The shop opened two new jobs. Over the last year the company sold garments population is 2.9 times more than in 2011. During this period hairdresser increased by 1.7 times. At 2.2 times the volume of services increased facilities for organizations, businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Today in the collective enterprise operates 54 people. Average monthly salaries litrail for December 2012 was slightly more than 3.5 million rubles.
From handkerchiefs to a huge range of bed linen, blankets, pillows, mattress covers, work and sports pants, jackets and cotton litrail insulated, gowns, different fur, padded jackets litrail and a host of other products of "textiles" - all products of mass tailoring shop enterprise. As evidenced by the reported data, it accounts for 87%! of total household services, which had UKP "Bytuslugi" the general population for the year 2012. Job shop headed by an experienced specialist in-kroyshchyk Natalia Sekai. 8 years ago here at work with her came and seamstresses Pashkovskaya Svetlana, Inna N. Simonenko. There are young and change. For example, in the labor market is a young professional seamstress Anna Ba-Deeva, but her zeal not hold. More recently in the shop was 6 seamstresses, and since January they became almost twice as much. Weighty replenishment, and thus be even better result! Workers here are really trying, so that earn is what you get. "Cheers" are products of local seamstresses in store businesses where the seller Svetlana Birch. By the way, it happens that Svetlana on its own initiative to go to work and my weekends or holidays. And for good reason: it is always a good trading revenue! A to villagers sewing litrail products passes through rural complex in-bulk items. Their acceptors - enterprising people, do not believe for a big concern to examine the demand litrail and countrymen at home, and after it in the same suit. Klichavlyan products are always in demand and people from other towns that demonstrate fair in Bobruisk, Berezin, Mogilev, participation in festivals "Dozhinki." That's what the market relations, to develop new markets. Klichev sewing products are competitive, for many it has become synonymous with quality.

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