Sunday, March 16, 2014

Experts predict that the demand for home-based social assistance will only increase: in the country

The number ldb of recipients of social services is growing
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That's the number of citizens registered in territorial social services centers (TTSSON) as of January 1 this year. Among them - 127400 lonely elderly and 564.2 thousand elderly living alone, 50,000 single and living alone invalids of the first and second group, 68.1 thousand large and 114,000 single-parent families, families with 22.7 thousand children with disabilities, 8.4 thousands of former pupils of boarding schools, guardianship, foster families, as well as 7.7 thousand people ldb are released from prison.
One of the most popular types of sotsuslug today - social and personal ldb services at home, provided almost 90 thousand people - disabled elderly and the disabled. These services include the purchase and delivery of food, medicine and essential goods, documents for material ldb assistance, payment of utility bills.
As noted in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the majority of social assistance recipients ldb outwork - villagers, as the village is less developed social infrastructure, older people need outside help to heat homes, to bring water into the house and solve other problems of everyday life.
Experts predict that the demand for home-based social assistance will only increase: in the country increased life expectancy, and thus increasing the number of older people in need of assistance, including singles.
If the single elderly person needs constant care, it can arrange to stay in office around the clock for the elderly and disabled. In a country ldb in the structure function TTSSON 59 such offices are 2114 seats.
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