Saturday, March 15, 2014

Deputy Head of Consumer Services DOC Oksana Roadway added that in Belarus now registered and servic

In SPA-salons will impose order
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SPA-salon phrase certainly think many Belarusian. Several years ago, it sounded like something exotic, fashionable, wiping "cool", even elite. But today, these salons with appropriate services across almost every step. What lies behind many advertising signs with the inscription SPA-complex"? What services do we get to such a place? How to evaluate the quality of these services? Answers to these questions are still not. And this is the same household services, such as, for example, hairdressing services. wiping Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce is going to develop until the end of the document has to regulate the activities wiping of SPA-complexes. This was reported by the head of department of public services the Ministry of Trade of Belarus Valentin Levkovskaya.
"In particular, it is not clear what services and to what extent should provide SPA-complexes - explains the position of the Ministry of the representative office. wiping - Legal and technical act, which we are currently working wiping on will be aimed at improving the quality of SPA-services. " For example, there will be the standard for such services, wiping the list of requirements for personnel facilities. To be called SPA-center, the institution will be required to provide a certain amount of hours for a certain range of services. "Establishment, which will offer, for example, only one service, SPA-complex can not be called," wiping - said the head of department. wiping Will develop new approaches to conservation in the SPA-complexes hygiene, the use of different kinds of materials.
Levkovskaya Valentine also said that the country plans to develop step by step instructions for opening a service station in the garage. The document will work with the Ministry of Commerce jointly by the State Committee for Standardization, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Emergency wiping Situations. The instructions will be even shown how to application and which body it forward. Will be itemized in detail especially wiping with the registration documents, are requirements for establishing a regime of garages, fire safety requirements, and more.
Recall that use as automotive repair shops garages, located on the territory garage wiping cooperatives allowed Presidential Decree 432 "On Amendments and Addenda to the Presidential Decree of January 28, 2008 43", which entered into force on 1 November last year . Earlier garage cooperative (in cooperative garage, garage) could only be used for car storage.
Deputy Head of Consumer Services DOC Oksana Roadway added that in Belarus now registered and service activities Car garages 150 individual entrepreneurs. This means that for the last three months wiping the number of garage stations wiping increased by more than 9 times (at the beginning of December 2013 there were 16 such objects). "We predicted that the new service will be popular," - said the expert wiping and explained that in recent years the consciousness of entrepreneurs is changing rapidly as more and more people want to give it legal services, work quietly, without fear of tax authorities and other bodies, as well as inter-agency groups. "We hope that the ability to record stations in garages, wiping which is still new for Belarus will bring out of the shadows of many entrepreneurs illegals."
35,000 entities (20,000 legal entities and 15 000 "SP") provide about a thousand household

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