Monday, March 24, 2014

Consumer services in our country is on a relentless and increasing attention. Each inhabitant of ev

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Consumer services in our country is on a relentless and increasing attention. Each inhabitant of even the smallest and remote slime mold villages should be available the same household service as townspeople. All that provided slime mold social standards (adinnatsats services) performed in our area. Moreover, every year there are new services to the public, and when the time shows that there is demand for them, the amount of such services is expanding. A total Berestovichany today can count on twenty most diverse range of services, says in an interview with me director of the district unitary enterprise of public services district Ivan I. Kasyanik. The word "Berestovichany" mean and rural residents? -Of course. They now live in comfortable agrotowns. And the complex collection points all changed on the outside slime mold and inside. slime mold In the Old Palaces made a complete overhaul, building slime mold PPC here today is the best in the area. New, comfortable slime mold complex collection point in Makarovtsy. In a more spacious room located PPC Parhimovtsy village, there is a place for work and a hairdresser. And just in the area of complex-nine collection points. And eight of them properly, with the need-renovated are in order. This year needs to be done to update the PPC Kvatory. Well, consumer services residents agrotowns can enjoy the same as residents of the district center. For example, you can even make a request to hire a TV or refrigerator or tourist tents. NOT pa dei than once a month, each complex collection point comes hairdresser, and, say, the Border he works every day, three days a week, this service is in the Minor Berestovitsa ... Where rural largest volume of household services? -In the complex reception center agrotown Edge. Seven months of revenues from sales of products and services was here more than 56 million slime mold rubles. I want to note the TRC agrotowns grooms, Massolyany, Olekshitsy. In the first household services per capita in January-July was 22.6 thousand rubles, only slightly lower than the figure in the other two. And in the whole unitary communal enterprise, this figure was 13.8 thousand rubles, which is 26.3% more than last year. -It's nice? -Of course. Ie services are more in demand, we offer them better, better work with people in the outback. -And how to build this work? Daily in-district-vyyaz zhayuts two vehicles with ready orders from the population, with sewing products that sell. Head of each complex reception center in addition to working with people on the ground, agro, studying the demand, offering goods and services, be sure the driver leaves the car "Consumer Services" and in remote villages. Long gone are the days when he was the head, expecting visitors in PPC, today it is the worker "mobile", slime mold he comes and goes to the people. Under special attention to older, infirm: in such goods or the order will bring into the house. Ivan I., once called the Great Berestovitsa resident editors and said how pleased she was sewing work shop House life. Here and suit model suggested, and they sewed it up so that there is no "market" slime mold does not prove. But as far as I know, a little bit of individual orders executed? -The shop operates slime mold twelve seamstresses. They perform a large amount of work. I will say this: of all the services provided slime mold by our company 60% accounted for by the shop. The main point here-maspashyv, sewed clothing for businesses and SEC areas do even orders enterprises of Grodno. Sew underwear, clothing, including a top, residents of the region, both in order and easy for implementation. Many orders executed clothing slime mold repair. But custom tailoring ... nice that work Cutter Valentina Chernova people still appreciate it a true master slime mold Sway affairs professional, make a pattern out of any fashion magazine. Transfers its expertise to other fact-zakroynom slime mold she studied Svetlana Davydik today can optionally replace their teacher. Golden hands experienced seamstresses G.I.Zhydok, knows his business Olga Sorokina ... However, I must say, individual orders have to perform a bit-who has a home today fabric? And in the store can not buy it ... The workshop was replenished youth is our lyceum graduates, Grodno feces-ja public services. That practice was recently Nastya Bay with Minor Berestovitsa. slime mold We liked it, and now works as a seamstress. Foreman Elena Savic satisfied with the way she gets down to business. And most importantly, that there is anyone slime mold young learn-skilled workers have willingly become teachers. -I would like people

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