Friday, March 7, 2014

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Android4.0 using MTP protocol between the SD card and PC communication. allen tx WIndows 7 system comes with MTP drivers allen tx can be used directly. allen tx Windows XP system you need to install allen tx the driver. First, the system will upgrade Windows Media Player version to wmp11, the latest version comes with the MTP driver. If you can not identify after upgrading, you will need to manually modify the inf file. Location in c: \ windows \ inf \ wpdmtp.inf view VID and PID your MTP devices by adding the following to replace XXXX [Generic.NTx86]% GenericMTP.DeviceDesc% = MTP USB device allen tx properties with corresponding VID and PID, USB \ previous MS_COMP_MTP% GenericMTP.DeviceDesc% = MTP, USB \ VID_XXXX & PID_XXXX & MI_00 [Generic.NTamd64]% GenericMTP.DeviceDesc% = MTP, USB \ MS_COMP_MTP% GenericMTP.DeviceDesc% = MTP, USB \ VID_XXXX allen tx & PID_XXXX & MI_00 turn can install this driver a Posts: WebKit - an under WebKit For Android: Android allen tx BroadcastReceiver distinction between two types of registration related topics recommended windows xp android4.0 windows 7 windows communication-related Bowen recommended NTP service in Windows 7 to check whether ... started the first draft of the first chapter serial Unicode started a chapter Introduction Chapter I Chapter II Chapter II started programming on Windows Unicode allen tx Introduction to start monitoring the performance of windows host win7 vs2013 compile errors all topics Java VPN Android iOS ERP IE10 Eclipse CRM JavaScript Ubuntu NFC WAP jQuery database BI HTML5 Spring allen tx Apache Hadoop. NET API HTML SDK IIS Fedora XML LBS Unity Splashtop UML components Windows Mobile Rails QEMU KDE Cassandra CloudStack FTC coremail allen tx OPhone CouchBase cloud iOS6 Rackspace Web App SpringSide Maemo Compuware large data aptech Perl Tornado Ruby Hibernate ThinkPHP Spark HBase Pure Solr Angular Cloud Foundry Redis Scala Django Bootstrap
December 2013 (4) November 2013 (4) October 2013 (10) September 2013 (13) August 2013 (10) July 2013 (8) June 2013 (5) 2013 In May (10) April 2013 (9) March 2013 (18) February allen tx 2013 (1) January 2013 (2) December 2012 (5) November 2012 (16) 2012 October (2) September 2012 (9) August 2012 (7) July 2012 (24) June 2012 (7) May 2012 (17) April 2012 (9) 2012 03 January (12) December 2011 (1)
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