Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Belarusian film

As prices change in 2013
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Food prices in Belarus in December 2013 increased by 2.2 percent compared to November, compared to December of 2012, they increased by 13.4 percent. BelTA learned from the National Statistics Committee.
Non-food prices in December compared to November dolly rockers increased dolly rockers by 0.8 percent compared with December 2012 - by 7.6 percent. In this group of goods has occurred large price changes. Petrol price increased by 4.6 percent, bicycles and motorcycles - by 1.4 percent. 1 percent increase in prices for medicines. On other goods rise in price was less than 1 percent.
Index of prices dolly rockers and tariffs for paid services in December compared with November was 104.9 percent compared with December 2012 - 139.1 percent. Prices for telecommunications services increased dolly rockers by 0.9 percent for medical services - by 1.3 percent, travel - by 2.4 percent, cultural services - by 2.8 percent. Household services rose by 3.1 per cent, health and leisure dolly rockers - by 3.9 percent. Zhyllevakamunalnyya prices of services rose by 8.1 percent. dolly rockers Passenger transport services rose by 14 percent. Did not change the price of higher education, as well as services preschools.
In general, Belarus consumer price index for goods and services in December 2013 compared to November was 102.4 percent, until December of 2012 - 116.5 percent. In January 2013, prices rose by 3 per cent in February - by 1.2 percent, March - by 1.1 percent, April - by 0.5 percent, May - by 0.7 percent, June - 0.3 percent , July - 1 percent, August - by 0.1 percent, September - by 1.7 per cent in October - 1.9 percent, in November - 1.6 percent.
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