Monday, February 3, 2014

What is the good thing about GG

What is the good thing about GG's canteen house maid vs. other colleges? "I think one of the things house maid that is good is that we largely make homemade food and we also have a very close relationship with both teachers and students. house maid Price wise, we also reasonably sensible. In addition, I think there is an advantage in that we try to be a very open place that treats students and teachers alike. "What is your favorite food from the canteen? "Fried bacon and parsley sauce!" What do you like about working at Café Island? "Above all, I'd really really like to cook! So I really like to be self-that you can decide what to do and what not to happen. AND then I happen to like the contact is with the students house maid - the I keep a lot of :-) "Can you say that you are the boss of Café Island? "Yes, it can be good, because it's such a reality! The company is mine, but it is driven with my wife Susanne. We have such an agreement that over here at the school I decide and in our homes that determines Susanne. We talk about most things, but the decisions are ultimately mine. "I've noticed your tattoo, it indicates something house maid of your taste in music? "Yes. It's house maid a line from one Steffen Brandt house maid text, but does that mean for me that I believe that if you meet life with a kiss, even if it's house maid hard and hurts, so you come a little easier through. It is my own paraphrase of life. Meet now the damn life and give it a kiss, right?! house maid Every once in the morning when you're in the shower and the time is 5:15 and you know you have 14 hours of work ahead of them, I can have it like this: why are you doing this? But then you look at your arm and think: If yes, Ole, kiss it now, right? "So what is your favorite music? Do you have any favorite bands? "I have! I am very happy Scorpions - they made a song called "Wind Of Change". It is a German band that sings in English, back from the mid-eighties. So I am very happy for Bruce Springsteen, but I'm also Deep Purple-I should like to have something with something more powerful! But I also have a penchant for example. Tina Dico or The Floor is Made of Lava. I hear so much different music! Do you and Susanne some children? "Yes, that's a bit tricky. When I married Suzanne, she had a son who is now 35 He has always seen me as his father, and I also see him as my son. So we have had Malene and Mathias in foster care - we actually still Mathias. They do, however, their parents, but use us for what we normally use parents-both to be acidic and happy. AND we have Jacob, who is in relief with us. "If you could choose 3 items to take with you on a desert island, what would it be? "My chefs knife for small DKK 10,000 It is made especially for me, with my handshake and everything! -My wife Susanne-One iPad that do not run out of power! :-) "If you were unlimited, what do you dream about? "If I could determine unlimited, I would try to get people to live by some of the good intentions of the 10 Commandments. I am not a believer, but if everyone on Earth lived by the 10 commandments, according to the intention to treat each other properly, then I think we would go a long way! "What is the most successful right in the cafeteria? "Most of the pasta dishes are selling really really well, but meatballs and creamy potatoes are too popular!" If you had to describe Café Island with one word, what would it be? "Quality" So where's Café Ø her in 15 years? "Well then, we have expanded our kitchen! We've got bigger kitchen, a freezer and maybe even a common room with a little soft sofas and more fun. And for 15 years, I also know and must retire ;-) "
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