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Trabzon Of Republican district in 1981 Aluminum Production Beginners Nurettin Şenyüz (Şenyüz PEN) i

Trabzon Of Republican district in 1981 Aluminum Production Beginners Nurettin Şenyüz (Şenyüz PEN) inception date of last 32 year Great achievements Aluminum instagram cleaning Window System, Door System Shop Correct Systems, Suspended Ceiling, Wall Cladding, instagram cleaning Fencing Field in 1981, in the of 's is a pioneer. Industrial site in 1990, 9 / Blok No: 5 t Aluminium Business to Continue .. Each last year Magnifying Targets Renewed Filpen between 1997 and 2004 and made FIRATPEN in Dograma Assembly. In 2004 KOM PEN dealership Taking PVC Door and Window Systems Swatter, Panpa Steel doors, Shower System, Handrail Balcony, Glass Karaloj, Glass Balcony Mosque Correct Systems Application to the last Şenyüz Pan Quality Production instagram cleaning Focused did. In 2004 Çaykara Way Over Tashan Houses Under 3 floors and First Floor and in Shoowroom u are in this business Onsite Quality and Innovation to continue to deliver a couple .. KOM Pan in 1998 in Turkey PVC window door profiles from these profiles grooms door and window systems and insulating glass production in the field of ISO 9002 Quality System instagram cleaning Certificate Import Winning the first Entegra tesisdir.b the success INCERC, GOST, IFT, RAL a lot like the International Quality Certificate instagram cleaning and Resume KO Pan in 2003, TSE Quality Award was awarded instagram cleaning .. Şenyüz Pan also 1998 years since TSA Service Capability received a certificate of Door And Window Insulating Correct Systems, the European Union 's CE approval area KOMPEN'' COMPLETE QUALITY'' Understanding the Sales Centre with PVC Industry's Leading Companies among alıyor.komp quality of products for our important investments for the buck European climate conditions 5 Gj that accelerated age from Test 12 GJ with success through the almıştır.2006, and in 2007 the consumer cycle by the consumer Quality Award Görüldü.ayrı environmentally sensitive firms with TSA issued by ISO 14001 Certification Having KOMPEN Co. Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association EUROCHAMBERS business instagram cleaning troops conducted at the 'EU TURKEY BED SHEET Project' under the PVC Industry CASE certification area was the first company .. destination and enhance the quality of Şenyüz Pan DAY DAY ROSE ... 06.08.2007 on Şenyüz Pan 's founder Nurettin Şenyüz heart attack died of etti.nuret Remember Şenyüz in the hands of Flag wife Ayse Şenyüz aldı.s until 2013 32nd Annual quality and production still etmektedir.komp the Şenyüz Pen in provides the To and PVC Door and Window Systems Etc. All related instagram cleaning First the House to Privilege katar.tas I, quality, cost, comfort and that you need Understanding all the functionality and comfort of the pioneers Every Time Bulabilirsiniz.kalit our address as ALL TURKISH Let's Live Here ... I'm

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