Saturday, February 8, 2014

There is a youtube version for children where they can only see what is sought out and saved them.

We've just been through a "detox" process with Molly My, due to illness mm. she had gotten in the habit of having her iPad when she went to bed and was ranked and then a bedtime cartoons in bed, it was as such no problem, the problem was that she was a few days could easily be an hour or a half and watch movies and playing games before she fell asleep, if we managed to take it from her and it was a problem, as she fell sent asleep and awakening until late the next morning.
Now it is again without the iPad, she gets to see a little cartoon with us on the couch when she came in pajamas and got brushed your teeth, then we take the quilt (and all sovedyrerne) to the sofa and reading darbas a book or doing a puzzle and see some cartoons and then back to sleep, goodnight. Absolutely perfect routine again and she sleeps in a neighborhood, or the like.
She loves all gadgets, both iPad, iPhone, computer and her Surface darbas in use every day, both for games, cartoons and other learning programs. She is MEGA cool to use all devices and it makes me proud that she is good at it!
She still playing with all her other things, books, Lego, dolls, draw, etc, so I'm not as such concerned when I thought she is good at playing, but I still thought about it too much?
Another thing I've thought about it, the entire safety, that is, when she gets a little older, it's no problem even when she does not even "surf" the web, after all it is still me writing "Postman Pat, Barbapapa, etc. "into youtube for her, but she can probably even a few years? darbas
I recently had the opportunity to test a BullGuard protection program, it has a lot of different features from the classic anti-virus, spam files, back up, etc. But it has, among other things, social media protection that can help monitor darbas children facebook profiles, including private messages, photos, lists of friends, etc.. Just as it has a parental control that can help protect the children of cyber bullying and inappropriate content and a whole lot of other things.
It's a lot to consider and just at that point, I commend myself lucky to Molly My though still almost 2 years, no facebook and internet search for her yet, but what about you with older children, how secure in them against the "dangerous Internet" or do it at all?
"Parental control" - it's a thing that I think is reasonable. There are crazy things on the net, so these things are of good cover one's children. But to monitor their social media profiles are completely sick in the head and the same as reading her child's diary - inexcusable. In addition, your child will be as tech-savvy as a teenager after growing up with an iPad in hand, that he saaaaagtens can create other profiles, either on friends PC or via Internet anonymous, which can not be traced via IP addresses. So, every young person I know, know the kind that their parents are completely clueless about. The best thing you can do is to talk with your child about how to behave on the web that aaaaaaalt stored online and can be found again in 30 years. That one should be proper, etc. But I think that parents might as well get used to that their children have so much more control over the technology that is of no use to try to control them:-P darbas
You're probably right Sophie, who is probably also happened MUCH more when Molly My be on the net although a number of years, should not be 13 years old to have a Facebook? And maybe states not Facebook darbas for the time :-) But it's darbas certainly nice to be able to guide and assist them in the jungle they go out in the net ....
Yes exactly - who knows what the heck is happening darbas on the year, and of course you have shown to be about 13, do not really know. I am so grateful that I was young while facebook was, because I think it can destroy less "popular" (if you need it stupid word) kids really much - a chance to experience, for example, all the parties, as you're not invited, etc. It is something that I also think of in relation to my future darbas children.
The best thing you can do is probably to really take a hard talk about what NOT to throw the net, but also how evil people really are? For it may be shocking to meet the kind of anonymous malice on the web if you are not prepared. And then also block access to the worst sites such as 4Chan, Reddit, etc, because it may well go out of hand:-P
There is a youtube version for children where they can only see what is sought out and saved them. We use it occasionally, but he also uses plain youtube. darbas I think that's ok, because I always keep an eye on what he sees.
Hello Snilla, darbas I'm not sick? Think you've darbas got what I write. But Molly My have been allowed to use the part because she has been sick and afflicted teeth on the road, and it could

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