Thursday, February 6, 2014

Like I also sell Molly

Like I also sell Molly's My clothes when she's grown out of it, of course I save special items as her MarMar leopard costume (it was she is SO cute in ....) and her first Stella McCartney cashmere pants in size 1 months ( you do realize how small they are .... So fine!)
But back to the secondhand clothes I buy pleasing on Trendsales, Instagram, Ebay, etc ... It's good for my pocketbook and the environment by recycling, so I am pleased on several levels! But the buyer of course new clothes (read much) for my little nugget ....
Oh so cute she is in the Michala. We were also just really happy it. To start your debate, I can not agree more. As you know I buy also VERY clothes for my pampered princess and most of it is new. But I'm getting better scenes de menage at buy-downs for her too, especially if it is as you say no holes, stains, etc.. Which season clothes are from does not mean much to me ... If only I think it's fine, then I'm happy and satisfied. Is also (although in my retail shopping maybe not always scenes de menage the case) have been much better to plan purchase, make lists of what to buy, then f (and now coming younger brother) is not facing an overload of clothes that do not being used. Better to buy the one missing and so do not skimp there, there's nothing worse than a lot of clothes that are not used because they still regret that you did not buy it right from the start ... It was a whole style, but hope you / I follow me :-)
I can easily follow you in what you say and is also much better not to have too many clothes for her because she is growing really fast out of it when she was very young, I was not very good at it, but my excuse must be that I do not quite know how much you have to spend, etc ...
GO for used children's clothing, as long as it still is fine and well. The fact is also that the GROWS quite time the little baboons, so before you finish buying the poor in all sorts of clothes, they are already out of it again. I ææælsker my brugttøjs-pusher :) :)
My Molly is a happy girl from January 2012 - about her life as a child in Copenhagen and all the town offers us, especially focusing on lifestyle and fashion for mother scenes de menage and child.
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