Monday, February 10, 2014

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I was some time ago approached by Online Photo Service with an offer to make a photo book, and as I have long thought about that I wanted to make such a Molly My, so I took gladly accepted the offer, especially because I also got a to you more about the bottom of the post.
It has been a really good result and I am very impressed with the high quality print, photo and paper quality is really good. (Maybe they always have it? But this is my first photo book, so do not have much to compare with).
I have chosen to make it super simple without too much text, symbols and colored backgrounds, but it can also if you want to make it more personal, I just thought that the images should speak for itself, but for example. Older children could indeed be fine with some text too.
It's smart, perfect gift for grandparents .... it's soon in July
Great way to perpetuate one's memories, and where is it all some good pictures of Molly My. I'd love to participate, and also just what will happen if I win this. My mother fills for 50 years here in October, and with a brother currently. On the other side of the world, it might be cool to give her a photobook of us children and fond memories with my mother. She deserves it!
Where is the fine :) I have a lot of pictures from last fall, when we were on tour in the motorhome, which has not yet been fixed. With such a book we were able to browse and get withdrawal symptoms, so would the children be even more motivated to save up for the next trip <3
Lovely book has got you - and we've even made one for Vigga about her time on neo and that she has already greatly from. We would like to make one for her every year, so currently we are a year behind would be cool to win :)
We are to move our children from one end of the country to another, so I'll just have the idea that they then need to have a photo book with some of all the good memories - educators in kindergarten and nursery, our house and their rooms , our local playground, etc. In this way, we have some pictures to speak from when missing volunteer and hjemve'en banks.
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I want to be with: D Also hope you would like to participate in my giveaway Malene
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My Molly is a happy girl from January 2012 - about her life as a child in Copenhagen and all the town offers us, especially focusing on lifestyle and fashion for mother and child. brown maids
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