Sunday, February 16, 2014

Insekirite Unknown kill 2 people and injured 2 others gravely serious shot, when they opened fire,

Representative executive, parliament and representatives of different political parties in the next dialogue El Rancho hotel, set to agree on a single organization for the 2014 election is Cardinal Chibly Langlois specify occasions late 6 th day talks talks with the Episcopal Conference Cum mid game. According to the board of elections is vested with the organization for scheduling an election. Use of electronic voting in this election, reducing the tabulation center, the amendment of electoral law and set up another for CEP ognize elections, is among several proposals that have discussions during the 6th day dialogue, according Bishop Langlois.
Setting up a new electoral organs must undertake organizing these elections and electoral laws amandan, position Lavalas defend under the dialogue, according to former Senator Gérald infection control Gilles. He spoke in favor of credible elections is to be held in the country, while that is not a good option for institutional infection control empty land.
Senator Jean William Jeanty went in the same sense and former senator Gilles infection control on the question KTKEP. He recalled the current electoral organs not inspired confidence, while speaking in favor of formation of a new government must take responsibility organization infection control next election yo.selon precision lead CONTRACT PEP
On his side, heads respect, Charles Henri Bakker, applauds initiative talks talks with the Episcopal infection control Conference of mediator role he said he was sorry absence many other political parties in the dialogue. Declaration former candidate to president, Charles Henri Bakker,
Insekirite Unknown kill 2 people and injured 2 others gravely serious shot, when they opened fire, the Sunday night in Cite Soleil, in a chariot that would put musical animation carnival. Spokesman following PNH, Gary Desrosiers, announces an investigation DCPJ open incident infection control is to find the culprits. In Port-au-Prince there were 23 people injured infection control and one of them shot. Spokesman following PNH also enjoy giving more precision about death policeman Yves Pierre Louis from 18èm bargains PNH fallen infection control bandits gunned down Saturday in Petion Ville. One of the bandits who fall too. Note there are several serious incidents that occur in various corners of the country during infection control the last week end. We recall infection control the place on chanmas constitution, infection control police discovered the bodies 2 young boys.
Agents interim executive Cite Soleil, Jean Ronald Coby, who reacted Monday in micro Radio Tele Kiskeya delivered great responsibility of this incident against the Interior Ministry, David Bazile, since it does not stop attacking the minister announced the project to another advice communal stand. Mr. Coby, whose inhabitants infection control the Site would require tie batch hubby would rear gangs that do crimes, accused ministers Bazile cross as it would make people fight the biggest slum capital. Agents interim that it is 3 people lost their lives and 3 others wounded before Cité Boston where he himself was present near the victims. We hear Jean Ronald Coby looking further defined in
Parents victims were angry after being heard the shooting, fell put barricades and burning tires flame front carriage carnival city hall Cite Soleil, in Sarthe. People say that with great sadness to learn the art of Death 2 laying animation of the Site. They know they will wait for an authorization to go to city hall rose bodies that now the general hospital infection control morgue.
U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White, know, how many people think it already, it plays a major role in planning the meeting between Haitian President Michel Martelly and leading the U.S., Barack Obama, who is set for Thursday, Feb. 6 . Diplomat who was unable to specify which point looking infection control at the arguments, in the White Lamezon, adding infection control it is having to come into contact with Washington over the next dune in this meeting. Mrs. White made a statement on the first visit of President Martelly Lamezon Blanche, after participation in an agreement signing infection control ceremony between the Quisqueya University and the Smithsonian Institution to establish a center of cultural conservation in Haiti.
Representative infection control precinct Asylum of the House, Fransnet Dénius, greet encounters Lamezon penicillin between infection control U.S. President Barack Obama and Chief of the Haitian state, Michel Joseph Martelly. Members of parliamentary bloc to strengthen the institutional (PRI) wish Mr. Martelly takes advantage of this appointment to discuss with the U.S. number one on many records concerning the relationship between the 2 countries. According to deputy, diplomacy, economy and reconstruction should be debated among the fundamental points between the 2 heads of state.
Regarding dialogue between political actors, deputy Fransnet Dénius believe that by exciting leaps in discussions. infection control For the nursing home representative, different terms on the table are valuable in an effort to resolve the crisis. However, there is hope that the parliamentary provisions take to achieve infection control a national dialogue that will allow participants infection control to ask any problems that hinder Haiti by way of change and democracy.
Deputies Cite Soleil, Saint Fleur Jun Almétis

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