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I have been searching pikes like crazy all afternoon and read a lot up on superwash pikes and have

Attention, read any. comments box as the first, as I will be corrected in my statement, Pernille will help with more info about other ways to deal with the wool on, which of course I will link to when I receive it. Thank you Pernille.
I have become somewhat wiser wool, what is good wool and what is not? And I want to share with you. Maybe it's just me who was ignorant and if you know all about wool superwash wool, so hop on, because I can already see that this post will be a bit far.
For me it is important that the wool as Molly My have to have wool and not, for example. acrylic, I can not even "breathe in" and get it just hot on the sweaty way and not the nice warm way, so far so good.
Another thing that is important to me is that it can be machine washed as our everyday lives, pikes because bustle, pikes not to sink. For machine washing, I use wool detergent from Neutral and uldvaskeprogrammet on the machine, the clothes pikes must be able to withstand. And it is mostly wool clothes too easily.
Now I have become aware of the "superwash wool" which is wool that "just" can be washed along with the other clothes at 40 degrees and no uldprogrammer, it sounds almost too good to be true? And that's if you read a little more about it, it's pikes also something really bad.
The wool is placed in a sulfuric acid to be removed impurities, etc., then put it into a klorbad where what one had to "stick out" is etched off. Then the superwash treatment that is applied to a plastic substance that forms an ultra fine film of each wool straw, which then makes the wool can be washed normally.
There may well be 100% wool in the neck of superwash wool, because it is wool. It seemed I'm SUPER confusing to me as a consumer, since I'd pikes like wool's properties and therefore prefer to avoid superwash with chemistry and plastics. You can also get very yarn called superwash, also think about it if you are lucky enough to find out how to knit :-)
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It's for me to get as much facts on the table as possible! Do not link to somewhere I can read about a not "dangerous" and chemical treatment of superwash, it will in my world be marvelous.
I have been searching pikes like crazy all afternoon and read a lot up on superwash pikes and have yet to find anywhere, either Danish or English as describing pikes the process as a right (to me) method, ie a little chemical method.
In several places it says that superwash wool can be washed with one's other laundry and it may well mean no uldvaske mean? Otherwise it for me as a consumer be more specific I then wash ALL my clothes with wool detergent or I'll take it for granted?
I actually went into my local children's wear shop earlier today to look at the washing instructions, and this should not be about "good pikes or bad" brands, it is entirely up to the consumer to assess, pikes but there were several items where there was 100% wool and then wash at 40 degrees, it confuses me as a consumer, I think from what I've read that in my world is superwash wool not 100% wool, if there is plastic over the fibers?
Compared to the washing instructions, so should read how many degrees pikes etc. you can wash, but you will rarely find a care label which also assigned the type of detergent to use. Wool should always be washed with detergent pikes product. You may want. read my post about that here: and here: -with-wool detergent-2 /
Since I work for the largest and leading organic store that sells only GOTS and KbT certified wool, so I am very happy to see that other people have made up the eyes of good qualities. Wool detergents or not, the fact that it can be washed at normal temperature. manner and therefore it is treated! You can not get around. pikes I would like to know how you think that you can get superwash wool is not treated? pikes :-)
Furthermore, I do not agree with the way superwash process described. It is clear that as the only vendor untreated wool want to make it as dangerous as possible with treated wool - but I think it is a very old process described here. At any rate, with the more familiar brands such as wool makes wool treated. It may well be there are some really Dirty ones manufacturers actually pikes do this - I will not rule out. But there is no reason to denigrate ALL treated wool as being harmful.
But I will return as soon as I receive an answer from the different brands I have now contacted pikes - and it's both those who make untreated wool and those who make processed wool, 0) I promise that it will be an objective assessment with a clear statement of pros and cons of both: 0

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