Monday, February 17, 2014

Allocation of funds dedicated to promote and protect women

Questions and women positions of women and men is a question that was not even discussed at the meeting on Haiti that occurred on March 31 for the International functioning Donors Conference functioning in New York, which held promise for providing millions of dollars to rebuild the country.
National Plan of Action in Haiti, the blueprint for the reconstruction functioning effort and resource allocation, functioning based on a Post-Disaster Needs Assessment functioning (PDNA). PDNA is a result of work that takes two months for the Haitian state and more than 250 people from the UN, World Bank, European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank to make. Despite great effort, they do not address the aspects PDNA condition's proposed strategies functioning for reconstructing makwoekonomik political, social, environmental, and infrastructure and governance underway.
To amplify sounds most women, a collective effort involving functioning more than 100 organizations and international networks working on issues of women organized a press conference and an event that occurs at the same time across the street from the International Donor's Conference cocktail on March 31, 2010. In this event, they released a Report on gender functioning issues (Gender Shadow Report - that provides an analysis of and response on the PDNA. The report is introduced by an open letter to donors demanding voice of Haitian women represent an element in the reconstruction process and for their attention to gender issues in all policies and budget allocations.
To speak on Report on gender issues as a tool for putting functioning words into action, Kathy Mangones, national programs for UNIFEM, said "women's leadership and participation in the reconstruction of Haiti" is the only way to create a more stable society , which can be inclusive and more democratic. "Writers Acclaimed Haitian-American functioning public is greatly appreciated and called Edwidge Danticat told Report functioning on Women's Issues is something" essential for transparency, functioning equality and women's rights and girls "and it represents a significant step toward to" ensuring women's voices and grassroots' voices in conversation are part of reconstruction. "Marie Saint Cyr, a Haitian human rights advocate, criticized the PDNA bad notes: "We are concerned with is is a lot of words even though it addressed functioning the question on several levels at the same time. We want the Haitian government and international community to genuinely committed to integrate women and women's organizations in all processes. "
Nigel Fisher, the UN's Senior Representative for PDNA and the Chief of UNICEF Canada, consider PDNA does not provide enough gender issues and consultations held with civil society, human rights defenders and women's networks "incomplete. "Similar to Nigel Fisher, Winnie functioning Byanayima, which Director Teams Busy Questions Conditions, Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP said" enemies of equality is an emergency that prevents a serious analysis of how to inequality. "
Most pressing questions focused on implementation. Nigel Fisher will take action in accordance with the recommendations of Report on Issues of Women, and she says an analysis of gender issues will be integrated into the planning and implementation strategies. M. Fisher said how important it is to have decimal dezagreje according to whether the person is male or female, and achievable budget GSB taking woman's condition for ensuring Haiti reconstruction taking into account the conditions of women and women's issues.
Is very lamentable that now, ten years after the UN Security Council adopted its first resolution (S/RES/1325) on women, peace and security, and to that core commitment to increase women's participation in the Frightened to ensure protection of women are never translated into programs, tools and policies in Haiti. Reaction Report on Women's launched an appeal for urgent actions to these transgressions education services, including:
Allocation of funds dedicated to promote and protect women's human rights and strengthen equality between women and men. This includes functioning support for rebuilding and strengthening the capacity of key actors working for equality functioning between women and men in Haiti, including the Ministry of Women, the movement and networks;
A series of special measures to ensure women and particularly families with households (30% of all families have women) will engage and benefit from private sector initiatives and initiatives to find ways to work for bread livelihoods; should these measures allow assistance functioning for infrastructure, including the priorities of women to schools, functioning housing, work and shelter to improve security and protection of women;
Participation expertise regarding equality between women and men and advocates from all sectors, functioning including agriculture and sanitation to ensure that the priorities, needs and voices of women are clear and that all sectors take this into consideration;

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