Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Come, Thou true light. Come, eternal life. Come every secret. Come nameless treasure. Come Something cleaners unspoken. Come Face unachievable. Come constant joy. Come not dying light. Come true hope for all who want to be saved. Come to the underlying rising. Come Resurrection of the dead. Come, Mighty, who always do everything, transforming and changing one will. Come, invisible, intangible and completely untouchable. Come, you who ever abide still and hourly cleaners are all about and come to us lying in hell - you who abide in the heavens. Come prevazhdeleno constantly cleaners proclaim the name - for us it is absolutely impossible to say or to know what exactly you are, and what their family. Come eternal joy. Come unfading crown. Come porphyries of the great God and King. Come crystalloid and jeweled cleaners belt. Come inaccessible foot. Come, royal purple and really absolute cleaners right. Come, Thou Who hast loved and love my unhappy soul. Come, You Yourself in itself because as you can see, I am alone. Come, Thou alone, who created in me a desire to want you completely inaccessible. Come, my Breath and Life. Come Comfort of my humble soul. Come, Joy and Glory and my constant comfort. Thank You for tons of existence, over all, God, Who became one spirit with me neslitno, cleaners immutable, unchangeable cleaners and you become me everything unsaid Dish supplying perfect gifts and preizlivashto in the mouth of my soul, and plenty of flowing Source my heart in bright garb and popalyash demons purged with me clean with constant and holy tears that your presence bestow on those to whom you come from. Thank You that You became for me the day that no night and unfading sun - you, who have no place to conceal and carry everything along with His glory. Because of You'll never hide, but we do not want to come to you, yourself are hidden from you. Yeah, where would you hide, you have no place of your holiday? Or what would you hide, you who did not detest and abhor anyone? So the universe is in me now, O Lord, and dwell and reside in me - your servant, Blessed are integral and inseparable until death to find and I in my way and after it in you, good and satsarstvam with Thee God who is above all. Stay, O Lord, and do not leave me alone, lest I devour my enemies who always want to swallow my soul, as they come and find me residing in completely to escape and not strengthen against me, you see, the most powerful of all, to rest in the house of my humble soul. O, O Lord, how you remember me when I was in the world and you did not know, alone hast chosen, separate me from the world and put me in the face of Thy glory, and now through thy living cleaners with me preserve me always to stay inside, cleaners and still to contemplate constantly and I live and die and not have you, I always poor to be richer cleaners than all the kings and eating and drinking Thee every hour to dress in you, now and in the future to enjoy with unutterable goodness. Because you're all good and all comfort and you ought glory of the holy and consubstantial and life-giving Trinity - Father and in the Son and the Holy Spirit honored, recognizable, poklanyaema and to which all true serve now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen. This entry was posted in Uncategorized by agatoirini. Bookmark the permalink.
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