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Well, my nephew was born, was held over the phone with them during the birth of the relationship -

Do Maar, still brimming with enthusiasm édibédi: now definitely envy those who kórházfigyelőnk subject of this week, St Imre undelivered. It was not a question how to clean carpet of our readers, Esther to give birth in the unprinted lot of animals that do not visit the child on a bed, so there is no unwanted visitors or noisy family next door. (Szent Imre Hospital: Part One)
The delivery room is small but equipped with everything you may need a vaginal birth, it is clear when I was there, shining in the sun a lot, the wall nice painted, pictures can be hung on it, I pointed out, because I looked for hours and modern, while in there the man until he gives birth to the baby, there's probably two or three of these parents room, unfortunately, do not know exactly because I went only once there is vajúdószoba, which often checks the midwife maternity, there's ball, shower, terrace. After the birth right of my belly was my baby, and then there, there was bathing because an infant care nurse, then handed it to my husband, who is of course through was there, an hour relaxed even in the room, babástól husband altogether, before it was transferred to the neonatal ward where to stay there for three days, if everything is fine with the baby.
The neonatal department for all employees I met were nice, the cleaning lady to the doctor, helped the clumsy, starting in all mothers, after the birth of the babies brought into the early hours and had not been taken away from us, just in the last day pediatric studies. There were three of a four-bed room, the food was acceptable quality how to clean carpet and quantity. Visitors are not allowed to enter, but a glass door to watch the extended dolls, this was a very important advantage for me when choosing a hospital. There is room foundation, but I do not know anything about it, not inquired about him.
I went there to give birth to an outpatient, there was no doctor or midwife, but everyone received the most scholarly attention, mainly mention the midwife, whom I met for the first time, but it was always with me, helped me, and a lot of important advice given calmly. Natal department of obstetrics and well-equipped, clean, nice place and the staff are helpful, kind and knowledgeable, even listening how to clean carpet to me is when we meet only once, that is not driven by interests of the patient relationship. The reception is kindly adjusted path and wished good night, once when I went there late at night. Tell other mothers?
I gave birth there in 2009, and the second is where I plan to give birth ... Although infants were sometimes grumpy, and the sheet is only 3 changed upon request, on the other negativity, I can not write ... Maybe it has to come to help us to prepare home gateway sometimes was in the room (midwives, psychologists, lactation consultant, doctors ...), but this is the first children as more reassuring if you could ... The fact that no visitors are admitted to the ward, very good, you just need time to properly organize visits to non-half-hour show kiszaladgálni having the baby ... 2011-06-09 15:49:27 Fuckup_with_marmelade
Well, my nephew was born, was held over the phone with them during the birth of the relationship - more like a nightmare to me. Was not allowed during labor for dads miserable out there wringing your hands and phone calls since it started bezakkanni - could only say that his wife was ill heavy-duty how to clean carpet construction now will not let you because there are many vajúdóban and just to go to your husband who was to give birth to start (wtf), the sisters just ran out, I had to beg for someone to say something. Then the kids wanted to make infusion, because according to them has been the second day should have changed the mother etc tejcsárdává Gas. (Could have plenty how to clean carpet of milk, there was nothing wrong outside the maternity excess of stress - help turn helped no one, constantly reassuring how to clean carpet the family and delivered the milk-enhancing tricks, lest the child be infusion) 08/29/2011 22:06:04 World Peace
I gave birth here in 2009 and I'm good again two months later. It was a very good experience, the doctors and nurses are, almost without exception, how to clean carpet helpful and kind. The economy is really in labor room where you can have a full house, the above kommentelöhöz how to clean carpet much the same way a husband can not come to hand, you can go! Purity and tranquility is the maximum support to visitors 'exclusion'. The second day I was in a private room (7000/nap I think), there could be smuggled into the afternoon dads. The infants in the room was bathed and trained their dads too! Of course he's got a bit of money but perhaps how to clean carpet after a crazy chocolate also have a feeling that this was not just doing it for you x amount. My doctor after giving birth more than once came to look, inquire. It was a bad experience for one child doctor may increase, especially how to clean carpet in the style, but also in the csecsemosnoverek calmed me and helped how to clean carpet me. I recommend it to everyone! 2011-11-17 23:54:19 AnnaLili
For me, one of my friend gave birth there. It was horror. 7am

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