Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The company where I turn around quite a lot, and a large factory was also added. The products are m

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Who is more of a tomb in the old days back when the clubs strict uncle, but golden-hearted concierge even the harshest discipline a few hooligans who could sentence if it was fate. When Mr. janitor or receptionist lady at work even knew everybody, everybody knew everything, and this usually pike does not hesitate to share his knowledge of the company's other two hundred employees, either.
Most of my friend has a "jerk security Oros' pike story, so much so that it almost does not even heard of a story where everyday life that actors have appeared as a positive figure. I almost found myself without any particular reason, but I also wear corpse aversion towards them. (Although it would be prejudice, you're not causing harm avoided.)
The company where I turn around quite a lot, and a large factory was also added. The products are made in factories that are very tempting, and it happened in the past that some workers have fallen into temptation and took home some stuff. So he emits the security watch over the area of the plant, pike and is responsible for overseeing pike the daily departing workers.
Recently a new company entrusted with the supervision, then the HS singer, who often have lunch together often been discussed in this topic. Then I found out that the company is a new security feature - as indeed most of the clients will also take joy - the fact that security guards working for a company for up to one month, and then new ones come in, the old ones are going to another place.
Thus, the offices and factory workers can not habit of always pike changing faces, so only half-heartedly to greet the unfortunate guards, who of course that grim look on his face standing around while trying to carry out their duties.
The real answer of course would be if this perfectly pike impersonal, unfeeling system thereby to terminate. Because I wonder how much security is what you are watching pike over whom declared that we do not trust you? And why not be a "security guard" position of trust again? If we ponder these questions, you'll manage to at least be given the chance to take that once the security őrből it only becomes a janitor uncle.

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