Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Since there was not much work, the train can only du. Started back around 6 (This was about. 9 hour

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At the time ('70) often went to take pictures of all kinds of factories (which, of course, was free to enter the camera only with permission). But of course, the license was because they asked the pictures.
And it happened that Diósgyőri Lenin Metallurgical plants sent out Vica grandmother (the dispatcher) pictures do. When we arrived - sameszommal Hugo - the factory gate with an older comrade-porter commercial cleaning services began to object that it is not possible to enter the camera. Tell him it's no problem, tell the secretariat to the MTI staff to travel to Budapest, they can not carry on their equipment.
No, this is not like the kisöregnek - he realized that he would draw the short straw - but I wanted a little to object, so she said that you can take them equipment, but the inventory should be added to ensure that kifeléjövet verified that there are not allowed to be in some things not in the factory.
Since there was not much work, the train can only du. Started back around 6 (This was about. 9 hours) you have worked a little thought, Spite of Cerberus. Since so many little things we had (cars, lenses, sikfilmkazetták, filters, light meter, tripod, light etc, etc) and all of them had a number (for example, the film packs a great long emulziószámok) are carefully label any of manuszkával. Or 5-6 typed pages and became dependent or 1.5 hours.
Well, we went in, we did the shots in about a half an hour and then we went up to the Secretary of Justice (normally required to guest sing on these occasions - and this was no exception). We told the receptionist that there's been fucking morning. Tell this to the secretary to the base with everyone Spite Michael, who has always upheld as possible. Something small village inhabited the area and there are not enthusiastic commercial cleaning services about it.
When we got to show for it in your bag and take inventory. At that time he began to feel that something will be wrong to say that he does not want to see the stuff, certainly has it all. However, we stuck to the inspection, saying only possession of the protocol we demonstrate that we brought all that - and only that - you take him outside.
With great difficulty he had checked - but we stuck all the prescribed number of text and itemized, detailed checks. Meanwhile, the change came, but were not included in the protocol to comment - saying that it should be finished, he began.

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