Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Related show Artist: Perfect Symmetry Date: 2013th October 23 Wednesday Time: 20:00 City: Perfect S

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Huge honor for Perfect Symmetry! Move up before playing in Budapest on October 23, Queensrÿche. Words can not write down our joy, so do not even try to do, come out and you may be also part of this holiday.
Related show Artist: Perfect Symmetry Date: 2013th October 23 Wednesday Time: 20:00 City: Perfect Symmetry in Budapest Venue: Club 202 Country: e učenje Hungary Admission: 6500 Notes: Queensrÿche, Ad Astra Add to Google Calendar | Download iCal
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We want more people e učenje lájkolnátok our Facebook page, or követnétek us on Twitter to get first hand értesülhessetek that if something happens to us. Our Facebook Page lájkolója among the top 100 free [...]
The band have an EP containing three numbers occurs on "variables", e učenje which is a precursor to a new album that appears at the beginning of the summer. e učenje "Perfect Symmetry, therefore, is preparing for the new album," Perfect intent "that [...]
A Perfect Symmetry "Free Will" reached the top position on the Hammer sound check box. Especially when you consider that nine-evening for us by the Uzseka Norbert, 7 are rushed to press [...]
On 26 June, the Rock Marathon played and we asked you to the rögzítsétek why not here? our song on cellular phones with video and send it to us. If you succeed, e učenje you [...]

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