Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NEW PARTIES teams from the forehead to the decision of the Municipal Encm, Blessing T homeowners to

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LATEST TV at his home in the Central Mediterranean and the ATK of the accumulating phase kt odorous, ramen house temizlemeyin to stimulate further strike by municipal cleaning a truck entering the home you have extracted p After Ilala did it.
Mediterranean from the Municipality of mutually beneficial sittin laundering sandstones, Mesudiye a house in the neighborhood of domestic and packaging ATK biriktirildiiynn record of the teams in the notification area, maintained as long as the house in review ynlarn kt this stage of pyn olutu and set yaydn smell.
NEW PARTIES teams from the forehead to the decision of the Municipal Encm, Blessing T homeowners to clean house i gave 3 gnlksr. Sri control at home, then on the expiration of the team, the proprietress absence of changes to the municipal cleaning Zera has put forward their strike.
"Especially in domestic ATK ok ks sree yearbook stage and people can become threatening. Ranges, to be deposited in my living like this atklarn abode, dwelling in it will adversely affect the people living in those and stage. atkynet I planmz We framework as Mediterranean Municipality every point in our city clean, stage and according to human yearbook Indicating to the EU would i make. these t p houses of interventions required in this framework are gerekletiriy losing time. "
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Prof. Dr.. Sefa Saygl
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