Friday, January 10, 2014

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Come, resurrection of the dead.
Come, my breath and life.
Thank you, that you who are God over all, has become one spirit with me unconfusedly, immutable, unchanging, and himself became everything to me in everything: food unspoken, totally freely donated, which constantly poured into the mouth of my soul and that excessive flows in the spring of my heart, clothes shining and burning demons, purification, which I washed with ceaseless and holy tears which Thy presence gives to the man with whom I come.
Thank you, what has become of me and sunny day nevecheren nezaodno - you who have nowhere to hide, and who suddenly termopane filled with Your glory. Ta You never anyone you're hiding, but we do not want to come to You, yourself are hiding from you. So where to hide You who have no place anywhere for reassurance? Or why would you concealed, by anyone who is not extremely discouraged, by no gnasish?
And so, instill in me now, Lord, and live in the harbor and me thy servant, O, and inextricably nerazluchno to death, that I in my outcome after thee in my outcome to be, mild, and with socarstvuvam You - God, who is above all.
Stay, Master, and not leave me alone, that my enemies, who always termopane want to swallow my soul when you come and find you abide in me as completely to escape and to strengthen against me, when I You see, the strongest of all, that uspokojuva inside the home to calm my soul.
Oh, Lord, as You remembered me when I was in the world, and I knew it, who chose me, separating me from the world and brought to me Your glory set, and now Your living in me Save me always standing motionless inside. Well, I constantly meditating, I dead, to live and I taking you, I always poor, and rich to be richer than all the kings and tasting drinking and I in Thee every hour adorning in Thee, I now in the future termopane to delight termopane the ineffable treasures. Because you're all riches and all the joy and glory to You is like the holy and life-giving Trinity Ednosushtna and in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, respectful, knowledgeable, worship, to which all the faithful ì serve now and ever, and unto ages . Amen.
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