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Characteristics of occupational tasks - building, area guarding to prevent unauthorized access, the

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Stephen paul davis Prusinszki 2003, journalist qualification gained at the BCF. Previously, the People of Freedom, the Joseph City, the local theme, Color UFO and incredible! paul davis he worked from 2012 leads thematic blogs. Are you interested in the city's history, UFOs and the paranormal research, hobbies are hiking and photography. Currently, public employees and the Eötvös Loránd University student in library and information professionals.
The Uniform Classification of Occupations, ie by 9231 "gatekeeper site guard, guard simple" industrial, commercial and other facilities, the protection of public institutions and the safeguarding of FEOR supplies, acts of unauthorized intrusions against vandals. Supply fire protection, control and administrative activities.
Characteristics of occupational tasks - building, area guarding to prevent unauthorized access, theft, fire or other hazard; - damage to property, plant and equipment paul davis goes down a note; - to provide concierge paul davis service, check in passenger and freight traffic - the establishment and enforcement of compliance with the order of entry; - opening and closing the facility, the facility repeatedly go around, - in case of any irregularity supervisor or notifying the authorities.
Characteristics of occupational work areas: boat guard, doorman, health care institutions, night watchman, company guards, night porter, garage keeper; dike-reeve (simple paul davis guard), constable (simple guard); hídőr harbor guard, industrial, commercial institutions doorman, school janitor, fence guard (easy keeper) , public office doorman; field guard (easy keeper), museum attendant, doorman paul davis school, park ranger (simple guard); barrier operator guard and grape guard (simple guard) cemetery guard (easy keeper) holiday concierge, corporate concierge, locksman
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