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Vladimir Svintila In its former creative time artist Tsvetomir Asenov proserve driven a significant distance reflections, search and experiments / but not wandering /. The principle of his painting is stated in the canvas "Parallel Worlds" which theme are losers proserve and out of a table pedmeti and material elements of figures. proserve It's boiling table where slide and figures merge with one another and come apart. This combination is fraught with tension, figures and faces are extracted proserve by force from infested objectivity. They represent an excellent ensemble proserve composed, whose basic principle is deformation. Deformation at home is often bad drawing. In deformations of Asenov has many poetry. And we remember that in Mason, Margriet, Modigliani deformation has exactly lyrical functions. Asenov stranger deformation with expressionistic character. In the same way there are two of his small canvases: "Women on the balcony" and "Haute proserve couture". Here in "gamzheneto" proserve objects and fragments of figures dominated primarily Linear start. Dominate ovals that channel. This is not the linearity of the big bed shapes with Renaissance character still linearity in this tense. Several lanes of Tsvetomir Asenov numbers from one to six are united under the name "Lounger figures." They are a set of abstract objects that are fragments of unknown objects, often with crystalloid character where appropriate curve after installing a mask hint of "figurnost." They have worked in a high but extinguished mineral tones, or vice versa, in pale earth ranges. Asenov tells us that there are problems at all abstraction painting: distinguishing proserve features in the material, a sense of weight proserve and pressure on the table, harmony of forms. All lessons of classical painting Magath be found again in this modern proserve painter. Asenov work in imaginary worlds proserve that are parallel to ours, but by no means identical. If Asenov and Bouyuklyiski represent the beginning of a new Bulgarian metaphysical school proserve that is still similar to the Italian Kara and Modigliani, Bouyuklyiski it is a principle of loneliness and Asenov that of gushing articles in life. Life brings together fragments of figures and fantastic items. They have a grand total of: Being! They are! This is a celebration of creation, more precisely created. Tsvetomir Asenov is a brilliant artist proserve with a whole suite of paintings developed with specified principles and vision. Not as a promise but as a realization. _____ The article is written on the occasion of the exhibition "Parallel Worlds" held at the "Studio spectrum." First printed in the Gazette proserve number 259 of Democracy, and later in the journal gallery, proserve 1997, No. 6 in the magazine Art in Bulgaria.
I can not agree with Vladimir Svintila that Tsvetomir Asenov is a brilliant artist. I do not think you can find someone at least a little proserve objective and thoughtful man who is otherwise. Thank you that you have, Mr. Asenov, and food of our souls! Reply Delete
"... The monkey is addicted to the ink, and when someone says she sits with crossed proserve arms and legs and is waiting proserve to finish writing and then drink the rest of the ink ..." Wang Dayhay, 1791 through the "Book of imaginary beings" Borges "Helped me just adaptability of flower that ... albeit timidly / better / he kept encouraging me: Have faith, do not be afraid of anything, always in life, in history. " Marcel Proust "Lemoine Affair," "A legend tells of a flower that grew in the garden of the poet Homer. Arcane It issued any fragrance that opened the stream of consciousness. Adore Homer and visited every day, and it was responding with unique inspiration. Labeled proserve as Flower of Homer. "Tsvetomir Asenov Meliora cogito proserve / Striving for excellence / Moto founders of fear 'Shminke": Herman Shminke Horadam and Joseph in 1881.
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