Sunday, December 1, 2013

Want to talk about it? This phrase, which was once acquainted with American soap operas, at first w

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Want to talk about it? This phrase, which was once acquainted with American soap operas, at first we thought woody, clumsy and even funny. pike electric They serials have long been replaced by others, but only now we realize more and more that these four words have more sense than it seems. pike electric
Do not remember whether it was early spring or fall, just remember that it was dark and wet. So I guess rather autumn. Phoned a girlfriend (or however good acquaintance - never fully understood the fine point) and said he wanted to talk to. After a few hours sat in the center of the cafe, a cup of mint tea disappears, but she really could and could not do. Although basically had already learned about what the story will be. In the story, of course, was quite banal.
A friend told her story, it was so true, so touching and I really wanted to help her. Well, as you are here you help - good advice, right? I tried to varēdama, modeled situation, play the role of her skin and the rest of the skins, and judgments, and is now better and better as then. And what if he is, and that if his girlfriend ... listened, drinking tea and staring into the cup - as if drinking a tea and lustrous two-lat coins at the bottom of the answer could lie.
And only then realized that she did not look at all. Not the reply she had come. She even your big question really was not yet formulated, but I already threw myself on top of her with multiple versions. She just wanted to talk. Arrange all off. And I was the perfect option - close enough to the man, but not a family friend. All you needed from me -
Tell you arrange off - it is sometimes very much. Why do we need it, can be a lot of explanations, but two things are obvious. First of all, it's like finally removed from the shoulders backpack stuffed with rocks. Of course, pike electric you can already go ahead with it, and can go a long time, but it is very hard. And for some strange paradox of this backpack difficult to drain alone - need someone in you listen to someone pike electric who looks at you like a stone after stone throw out. Backpack - namely, the problem - have already left, but it does not seem so hard anymore. pike electric (Of course, if you want to not only pronounce, but also to heal the soul, having a professional pike electric therapist, but this time we are not on it.)
The second paradox - what is said out loud that a proper name, seem no longer so scary and painful. Like Latvian fairy tales, where the lakes proper name, fell on the ground, like pain or fear, and that formulated by name, and a little fall to the ground. I remember a girlfriend at the time said: I fear ... and told them about what exactly. Secretly hope that at least at the time and not interrupt him with their advice molesters.
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