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To pay attention to the guest, restaurant or cafe must have clear signs, tidy, cozy and aesthetic e

What was your impression of the restaurant visitor generated, depends not only on the taste of the food it produced, the environment, the relationship between price and service, but also the support staff the ability to make the guests with them.
To pay attention to the guest, restaurant or cafe must have clear signs, tidy, cozy and aesthetic environment. The approaches should prevail cleanliness. In the menu to be the guest on another field to familiarize oneself with the dishes, prices.
Each house, and in this case the power company business card - entrance hall, or who have no foreign odors, comfortable, pleasant developments to. However, in many of the catering hall at all. So just by going through the door into the hall, the guests enjoy. And if you need to wait in line, the waiter job - as the palm. In particular, the pitcher must follow the general rules of conduct.
Code of conduct - it is part of human culture, covering almost all areas of life - communication, clothing, gestures and verbal language, posture, etc. The waiter work subject to the same rules of conduct as well as in everyday life: the comb is inappropriate, edit, make-up or manicure, use a handkerchief service Hall, every guest who came through the door, it is appropriate to greet, eat forbidden hall to serve visitors with chewing household chores gum, keep your hands crossed on your chest or in your pockets. Hands should be behind or keep NotePad. Slander rude guest, no matter how it beatrodytų. Duty service personnel - to provide services, but not to bring up. The "good manners" and we assign the waiter look, the clothes. It should be recalled that the waiter looks like it should be appropriate for work: the waiters hair should always be clean and neatly tied, not to interfere with work, jewelry - can be a modest ring, one pair of small earrings, do not wear watches, bracelets, necklaces, household chores because it hinders the work. Women's makeup household chores should be moderate, not long nails if varnished - clearly. Waiters should only use toilet water, it is inappropriate to use the annoying smells too much perfume oneself waiter shows poor taste. In addition, a strong perfume scent mixed with the smell of food, will be a combination of pitiful. It also does not feel extraneous odors (sweat, dirty clothes, cigarettes). Pantyhose should be just the body color neraštuotos worn even in summer. Shoes - closed (can not be įsispiriami), a non-slip sole, heel neaukštesnė than 3 cm, cleaned, preferably black, working clothes for work only - clean, ironed, free from cracks, have registered the card, which is attached to the left side of the guest know what it serves.
The waiter working aesthetic appearance and the pace of work and quality of work available accessories: towel waiter (carried on the left forearm). Currently, however, many power companies household chores are no longer in use, a corkscrew, household chores a laptop in your pocket. With this tool for the waiter will serve drinks from all the rules booklet with a pen to write down the order. It is very unsightly when order is written in pencil on a napkin. Guests can give the impression that the waiter is not ready for the job, matches or a lighter. If you stand on the table candlestick, the guest seated immediately lit a candle, small wallet with cash.
Utility rooms waiter should have: a comb and handkerchief (available only on the premises), urban and transport plan, if necessary, to advise the guest, painkillers, files nails, moisturizing wipes, deodorant. The waiter should have a second set of underwear, a spare set of work clothes.
Service of great importance to the aesthetics of posture and gait waiter. No walking up a special scheme, but one thing is clear that it must be most natural. After the hall waiter to walk midsize steps nekrypuodamas, building the right feet, about 30-35 cm. The head is always up (chin should be parallel to the floor) household chores to see the whole picture halls. The waiter does not have to watch yourself walking underfoot or in the non-existent dishes, like fear of losing them.
And as the restaurant greets visitors need personnel, greet and accompanied at the table. Many modern restaurants household chores and cafes of the guest refuses household chores to consent to services. Consider it left the Soviet relic - the restaurant household chores doorman. This is an additional cost and can be done by any pitcher. household chores "Any" is tantamount to "none." Service like show business, where no professional skill required and iron discipline. In order to ensure the smooth operations of the restaurant or cafe, it is essential that the service staff is very clearly aware that their daily tasks and activities.
As soon as you log on to the power company agrees to an employee of a guest, it is welcomed. Greeting should be correct, household chores restrained, accompanied

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