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Stroke or cerebral infarction most commonly caused by a combination of factors, including stress, s

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Sultry and hot weather increases risk of suffering a stroke, in the heat of the blood vessels is expanding rapidly, and wrong is a widespread assumption that a stroke may be adjusted only for older people, because Latvian lately is increasingly affecting young people, health experts leather lounges warn.
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Stroke or cerebral infarction most commonly caused by a combination of factors, including stress, smoking, alcohol and energy drink abuse, sedentary lifestyle or the wrong choice of sport mode, overweight, high blood pressure, leather lounges diabetes and high cholesterol.
load at work, trying to remove it with two packets of cigarettes leather lounges smoked per day and drinking at night, but invents a hangover cure, for example, the morning run, there is a high risk of stroke. Unfortunately, after such a Latvian or a similar scenario live in a part of young people, but remember that the body's reserves are not inexhaustible, "said pharmacy network spokeswoman Dagnija Veidemane.
According to her, during hot weather very often people turn to a pharmacy, taujājot by means of headache and often complain of dizziness and feeling unwell. However, leather lounges self-medication before a person should examine whether these symptoms are not attributable to a more serious illness. It is possible that, immediately seek medical wait-and not the best solution, stressed Veidemane. leather lounges
Emergency Medical Services Division of Communication Ilze Bukša noted that the Latvian people, particular care is needed when the temperature rises above 27 degrees Celsius.
"The biggest mistake is when people miss the right moment and ignore your feelings. For example, the sun continues to work instead leather lounges of going to rest in the shade, although not feeling well. This can lead to decreased well-being, strong headaches and even fainting, "she said.
third of becoming disabled for life, and a third - dies. Each year, the Latvian leather lounges hospitals come in more than 7,000 stroke patients and nearly 2,000 more with the effects of stroke - these figures are the highest in Europe.
While last year's Latvian leather lounges declined slightly overall from circulatory diseases, including stroke death rate, increased mortality among young people. In 2011, diseases of the circulatory died in 48 people aged 18 to 44 years, but in 2012 there were 55 deaths in this age group, according to the Centers for Disease leather lounges Control and Prevention data center.
A stroke is a sudden onset of a cerebral blood supply to the area, followed by the brain cell death. Symptoms of stroke appear suddenly. In most cases, they take one side of the body - numbness or weakness leather lounges in one arm and leg, the side of the face, image ghosting, dizziness, severe headache. The other most common symptoms leather lounges that may indicate a stroke or understanding speech disorders - it can be easy to check by asking a person to smile or say a simple leather lounges sentence, balance and coordination problems when a person, for example, unable to lift both arms at the same time, as is often observed that man barely put out the tongue, it is deformed, tight, shifted to one side or the other.
Expert. Why workout at night and pull cramps?
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