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Since the United szőnyegtisztítás States is as follows hubs motorists everyday, special preparation

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The well-known Discovery Channel program Mythbusters makers after visiting Europe decided to check whether the assumption is true that the rotary traffic circle with four exits car pass flow is superior in terms of the four-way intersection.
Experiment with a view to a large paved area was set up four-way intersection with stop signs pattern in all directions, namely, the need for everyone in the intersection first entry maneuver to stop.
Since the United szőnyegtisztítás States is as follows hubs motorists everyday, special preparation brings together several dozen drivers were needed and were quickly achieved a measure of how much the car can cross the intersection in 15 minutes. The experiment was repeated twice, as a result, the average was 384.5 car in 15 minutes (378 cars and 391 for the first time - in the second).
Experiment with a rotary traffic circle participants had an absolute novelty, because szőnyegtisztítás it was first given the opportunity to learn from a half hour, but the average test trials were obtained for almost szőnyegtisztítás 20 percent better result - an average of 460 cars in 15 minutes. This can be seen as a sign of rotation of the circles and the effectiveness of the introduction of a smoother szőnyegtisztítás traffic flow assurance. Of course, the smoother it will only work if drivers learn to move closer to the center, where there are more than two lanes, and there are no plans to leave the next outlet.
It may be noted that the rotation of the circle before the experiment was carried out Mythbusters test, what happens if the stop sign is removed and placed in the middle of the intersection traffic controllers. This experiment proved to be a thorough disappointment, because, although it is nice to see live at the intersection of people, their actions do not increase the speed of the vehicle - 15 minutes crossing the intersection as 289 car. The article Comments (48)
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