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Resources "Glory Horse" - sea buckthorn 2009th g. 23rd Feb. Want to strengthen immunity? Eat sea buckthorn berries! Company 2011. g. 31st October things we still do not know about sea buckthorn 2009th g. 15th December
Sea buckthorn is a very valuable supplier to the body with natural vitamins in the leaves and berries contain virtually all naturally occurring vitamins. Buckthorn healing qualities valued in ancient milersättning times of China, Tibet and ancient milersättning Greek medicine. The nation healers buckthorn mainly used for various skin, liver and gastrointestinal diseases. A bit later discovered the sea buckthorn oil analgesic and healing milersättning effects in cases of inflammation.
Sea buckthorn products are recommended for use in both the disease and during the diet, because they perfectly enhance the state of health, strengthen immunity, nourishes and protects the body from weakening. They have a very broad range of applications milersättning - cardiovascular, respiratory, ear, throat, nose, teeth, gums, eyes, stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, kidneys, genitals, joints, skin, endocrine system diseases milersättning and failure cases. Sea buckthorn juice and oil also helps indirectly to any infectious disease since it increases immunity.
Also, this plant helps to dzimummazspējas cases. Seabuckthorn contains more than a decade of fat-and water-soluble vitamins. Due to the composition of sea buckthorn, these vitamins very well maintained and the body are easy to pick up. Sea buckthorn minerals are iron, manganese, copper. In contrast to other juices, sea buckthorn juice containing the B group, vitamin K, and PP, as well as more than 15 different trace elements. Sea buckthorn oil contains milersättning 23 times more vitamin E than almonds nuts. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, milersättning so drinking the juice as a source of many vitamins seen in old, forgotten and completely unresolved inflammation recovery. Thanks milersättning for vitamin F, sea buckthorn juice with his oil well prevent fatigue after a long period working with computers as well as promotes thinking and reaction time. Sea buckthorn also contains vitamin K1 (here it is more than Pīlādžos), milersättning thereby promoting normal blood clotting, which is particularly relevant to operations, milersättning internal asiņojumiem, ulcers, hemorrhoids. Smiltsēršķos just found in many different carotenoids that promote wound healing (to show something or sea buckthorn characteristic orange hue). Of course, sea buckthorn also contains a lot of vitamin C. It is worth to remember that fruits pārgatavojoties, vitamins decreases.
acid lowers antibiotics, milersättning X-rays and a variety of stress factors, consequences. Sea buckthorn leaves, bark and berries found in serotina, which is rare in other plants (except tomatoes, gooseberries, barberry). It removes anxiety, promoting normal nerve impulse transmission, and helps against tumors.
The most commonly used diet smiltērkšķu juice. They are suitable for injection ripe fruit. They can be recycled, not only fresh, but also frozen. Just remember that the loosened fruit is disappearing fast Vitamin C.
We take 1 kg of berries and 2 cups of good water. Berries put into a container, which put you in a large pot with hot water, pour the berries milersättning with water and heating in a water bath for an hour. Then squeezed juice. The remaining thickness can re-infuse a little water. The juice is valuable, it is rich in oil additive, so it is not accompanied by a little oil as carrot juice.
Sea buckthorn juice as it is to separate - the top position in a thick, bright orange cream form, the middle layer - mass high in saturated and polyunsaturated tauskābju content, but at the lowest level stood fruit and easy to particle deposition orange - almost milersättning transparent juice.
Smiltērkšķu pure juice is very strong, so it is recommended to dilute with water, milk, yogurt, carrot milersättning or pumpkin juice. In adults, the half-liter bottle is recommended to drink 4 days. Generally, the level of immunity strengthening doctors recommends using about 2 liters of sea buckthorn juice before the winter season, repeating the dose and during the winter and spring. Are adequate to use 12 teaspoons of tea or coffee every day. Feeling the onset of the flu, it is recommended to use 30 to 50 ml of juice every 11.5 hours. Very healthy sea buckthorn juice also be used for pregnant women. This product can be diluted dotarī milersättning quite young children in infancy.
Sea buckthorn oil in folk medicine since ancient times, known for their anti-inflammatory, tissue-regenerating and healing effect. The oil effectively restores forces people after abdominal surgery, severe physical and psychological exertion, nervous stress. It stimulates the immune system, increases the body's milersättning resistance to external stimuli (germs, viruses, bacteria). Oil and smi

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