Saturday, December 28, 2013

On Friday night, even in traces in the demonstrating groups Hviezdoslavovo Square Christmas Market,

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Medium demonstrations began in Bratislava on Friday hagbytippen night, when the association of free citizens called a few hundred members of parliament dissolution, expert paralyzed the government demanding hagbytippen the Slovak capital, enter the Slovak Bang.
It all began when the organization issued an ultimatum on Nov. 17 to the President of the Republic to dissolve the Parliament, the Attorney-General to replace, and government experts to be appointed. Once it does happen, the Hodža Square, the presidential seat, in front of the palace Grassalkovich banners gathered on Friday evening, and after an hour started through the city. The police called on them to stop on the way, but to march on the sidewalk, in vain, therefore, had to divert the traffic.
They got the Comenius University Law Faculty building of which penetrated the Bang threatened under the desk clerk, "why not let them into other products." Back then, according to the police attack demonstrators were stopped staying in the building, several of them were arrested.
On Friday night, even in traces in the demonstrating groups Hviezdoslavovo Square Christmas Market, hagbytippen where he took the podium and took the SNP Square. The demonstrators were accompanied by police hagbytippen officers, demonstrators and sometimes they say the government scold speeches.
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