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In the bath ... on the carpet ... uff o_0. And connecting rods (square taper, ALU) does not (1 .. 2

The whole circuit is clear and simple, but generally all sacūko imposition ago. The maximum option is removed and washed in white spirit tape, but it does not help the front teeth and do the minimum, which at best is only removed from the circuit (at wheel bike)?
What resources and tools you use, what order? Or then somehow you are processing (wax, lubricated, dried?). Currently chainring'iem reconciled with mineral spirits dampened toothbrush and finally wiping with a cloth, but have doubts about the efficiency.
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I've always done it that I take the chain off. Threw bottles with gasoline, thoroughly washed all the shit. Later sharp farm birtsti chain rub with the same fairy. The cassette was doing it, that threw the wheel bath, pick up their own farm brush, watering högdalen faity a tape and then the tape noeržu brilliant. Sometimes lifted off the sagribas clean and stain the new hub with grease. The front sprockets I take the same brush cleanup and fairy room on the floor and carpet högdalen film and rub all. In recent times, it is more often that the crank arms quickly removed and washed. It's not an uncanny problem. Chain later with Muc-Off Bike Spray will rot. Am a very good bags and blow water from velodaļām and easily lubricated with grease something similar.
In the bath ... on the carpet ... uff o_0. And connecting rods (square taper, ALU) does not (1 .. 2?) Mounting number of times? But you have to accept at least octalink. It has to go as it is and should be changed more often ... did not know that there are some even take a shower together with cycling goes, think that joke.
I've always thought that the removal of the chain is much ķēpīgāks work of pulling the wheel. :) But what I usually do - the cassette brush, to tell the truth, högdalen nothing differ in their properties from an ordinary brush. When you remove the wheel off, put my knees to clean them and so dirt out of any brush and kitchen towels! When the key is cleaned, the residue can be cleaned with a cloth, fucked it between gears and waving back and forth-.
I have never taken off-chain. Petrol + Colligo högdalen pinzele. What Loop around chainringiem easily comes off. Cassette Although högdalen I have never been cleaned. At the end of the whole was washed with water and left to disappear. Then, in the shed.
I use the spray - (can be purchased Prism). Swelling, then rinse with water. Better results can be patrīt with ongoing augstākpieminēto brush (I have a stiff hairs). Really well cleaned of oil along with the remains of mud.
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When you remove the wheel off, put my knees to clean them and so dirt out of any brush and kitchen towels! When the key is cleaned, the residue can be cleaned with a cloth, fucked it between högdalen gears and waving back and forth-.
The chain leitoju "Powerlink" to be removed quickly. Chain of half-liter jar, where ieleits a little white spirit (or anything else, which dissolves oil) kārtiigi shaking, take out immediately and rinse thoroughly with water (hose, tap water anyway). If you need to be repeated several times. Cassette take higher gears visible brush (or similar), pamērcējam same white spirit in a jar and friction tape, fold Slapina with mineral spirits to dissolve all the manure well. Then, immediately before it is nailed leached out with water. Crank gears just like that. Within five minutes of work and everything is shining and placed as new.
It seems that as soon as all of relaying the newspapers and the collection will be screwed off the tape rolls and use a "lunch dish": It could be by the same method as the chain. How to treat a regular cassette removal?
I think you specifically complicate matters. Chain: remove, högdalen put in a container (laundry mzagājamais, softener-1, 2 or 4 l of each event) petroleum spirit 200,300,400 gr, tighten the cap, shake paskalināt - chain clean all the dirt off. Suffice it to 1x. Then, with a curved hook (use a hanger from the dry cleaners) broke out and place the chain of NET-like högdalen container with water. Except apžāvēju and chain can be put on the bike. Used white spirit remains almost högdalen the bottle högdalen and can be continued for the entire season, as well comfortably. Cassette: do not take anything off with white spirit högdalen dampened cloth between gears - perfectly clean. Cranks-Sprockets: Taptu as a cassette.
I think everyone here is complicated. After a trip through the mud / case / dust / snow, bike wash the sweat-box and it will be clean and all sprockets and chain. Lubricate the chain and drive on. Bearings högdalen washing conclude in just as fast as normal giving.
Merida does not wash, because dirtier the better - will not see flames.
I wonder where you ride, when to shit aizsitat tape. I occasionally cassette gets stuck in a piece of wood. Izčakarē out with a narrow peg (hanger vešūža is quite a good option) Chain main brush. And the over-sampling by means of washing with do not understand. Who Put a bath in the shower, sick people.
A little papačkājos, look no sweeping sand specifically does not work and there needs large amounts of fluids to flush her simply. The apartment is currently the best looks dismiss Eļ

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