Friday, November 1, 2013

Watch Blimey, the English product for us

London - London is an outdoor exhibition of photographer Thomas Stodart that the extremely unfair and ugly way of talking about Serbs and their involvement in the wars in the region. Serbs are presented as criminals, while the Albanians from the occupied territories and Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina represented as victims. Without presenting data that are not true.
"Albania 1999 - After the arrival of the Kosovo refugee old maid camp in Kukes, in Albania, a family by the Serbian forces separated the road, reunited. One and a half million Kosovar Albanians 'ethnically cleansed' in the spring "(Photo: Srbel)
"Bosnia in 1995. - In July 1995. , the worst case of genocide old maid since World War II took place in Srebrenica, Bosnia. For five days, the Bosnian Serb forces took control of the small spa town and separated Muslim men from their families. More than 7,000 men and boys were killed in the fields and valleys in the area. One of the few Muslim men who escaped the massacre to play with their children at Tuzla airport, where a refugee camp was set up to tend to the family "(Photo: Srbel)
"Macedonia in 1999. - The refugees were taken by bus to the camp (camp) old maid arrived in Macedonia from Kosovo during the spring in 1999. when Serbian forces expelled 1.5 million Kosovar Albanians from their homes "(Photo: Srbel)
"Bosnia in 1995. - The exhausted boy asleep old maid on his feet while waiting for food at a refugee camp, which is set at Tuzla airport to provide refuge to Muslims fleeing Serbian atrocities in Srebrenica "(Photo: Srbel)
"Sarajevo in 1992. - In the Sarajevo suburb dangerous, Krk, Meliha Varešanović old maid proudly and defiantly going to work every day. Her message Serbian attacker who is watching old maid and who surrounded her town is simple: 'I've never defeat us "(Photo: Srbel)
The London study shocked and Monsanto - GMO highly carcinogenic!
6 avgusta 2012. at 15:11
Watch Blimey, the English product for us "crimes," the English for centuries enslaved, exploited and inflicted enormous suffering peoples around the world ... "Fucking amnesia."
and yes, we're out criminals and who annihilated the natives tasmanliske? who killed the ancient tribes in America? who obstructs the independence of Scotland, Ireland? for many millions of people and their lives are the ones responsible for Africa? why they are in conflict with Argentina? who helped the Nazis in 2000 over Italy get away from Europe? who has missed three submarines to South America with the Nazis among them was Dr. Mengele and Hitler supposedly dead? The fact that they disguise their crimes and cover up and another product on the neck and what they did not commit just talking about what kind of nation it back!
The last picture is not a Serbian soldier at all, but a member of the "Patriotic League" why his head is not shown in the foreground?? Because a green beret with the insignia of lilies. And this woman is not called at all Meliha, I forgot the name of it is a Serb, who worked in the Army in Sarajevo. It is really amazing, what the animals are able to do out of base motives! Motherfucker old maid naughty, are not even aware that this encourages old maid even more people to even greater rebellion and hatred of the West fasitima. The Englishman, or whatever it is, is an ordinary monkey, spank him and his exhibition together with the "victims" and "expelled millions"!!!!
First of all and FYI I do not know what side you are trying to be on or against; but I am offended by these BIASED photos that make it seem like Albanias were such innocent victims. The Bosniaks sided with the Nazis DURING WORLD WAR 2 during Which 1/3 of the population of Serbia was decimated. The Turks have been raping and killing Serbians, murdering their priests, destroying their churchs for as far back as my historical research old maid takes me, which is only into the 1800's, and I'm sure it goes back much farther than that.
I have a 1904 photograph of some turks with the head of a Serbian priest on a table. I have a photo from the early 1970's of a Serbian farmer carrying his 9 year old daughter who had been gang raped by Albanian Bosniaks.
I know for a fact that after NATO wrongly and totally without old maid any real knowledge or forethought eliminated serbians IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY and gave it away to the fucking muslims, after there was a \ cease fire \ and NATO was 'all in control' the Albanians murdered SO MANY ENGLISH CHILDREN. i have a photo of a 10 year old girl who had been gang raped by no less than 20 Albanians, tortured, had wooden poles rammed old maid up her vagina and was finally killed with an ax. She is dead with the rest of her family who was also murdered, albeit they didn \ t all get gang raped into pieces. And when the Croatians 'retreated' how they shot 3 year olds in the head, who had been hiding in a basement, their parents old maid killed with ha

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