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Washing solu Objections may be made out of water by adding a few drops of dish detergent. Detergent

Listen - Spring ... As it reads ... by willow, at the brook of Calama and the overall general cleaning at home. About the nuances of how to make the best and fastest, we advise Ltd. "LiiR Company Development Manager VELGA total.
Cleaning is best to start with the highest points - the ceiling corners of the top of the cabinet, curtain rods - because dust and dirt tends to fall off the bottom. If you've started to clean the lower places, house cleaning services they may have to be cleaned again. You can start with the cabinets and drawers, shelves. If you see things that have not been used for several years, most likely, it's house cleaning services time to discard them, discarding or giving to those who might be useful. Individual pieces and put clothes which will prevent the resulting damage and to hold the. Cracked or nodrupušus containers should be discarded immediately. house cleaning services Window Cleaning
Window glasses should be washed house cleaning services in a dark time, because then you will not see dirt. The work should choose a bright and sunny time when illuminated Vissi cocoa traipiņš. First, wash the window frames, the glass at the end - the windowsill.
Washing solu Objections may be made out of water by adding a few drops of dish detergent. Detergent foam allowed house cleaning services a moment to act on the dirt, then wipe the windows with newspaper or a dry, clean cloth to throw piles. house cleaning services To stain the glass more slowly, wipe with a mixture of 30 g water, 70 g of glycerol and a few drops of aqueous ammonia.
Painting door and window handles, brass parts clean, rubbing it with vinegar, then rinse with soda water and blotting with a dry cloth rubbing bright. Nickel-plated parts are washed with hot, soapy water or clean (if it is very dirty, 1 liter of water add one teaspoon house cleaning services of aqueous ammonia), dry and polish. Furniture Cleaning
One of the special at this time to be able to be powered house cleaning services by furniture cleaning. Wicker furniture clean with a soft brush (you can moisten with a strong solution of salt), dirtier wash with lukewarm, weak soapy water, house cleaning services then rinse.
Upholstered furniture care is the easiest way of woven fabrics of a vacuum cleaner. Clean mattresses, covered with wet sheets and break the. It is also possible to handle the furniture fabric. Furniture cleaning cloth can be used sawdust. They soaked light etiķūdenī, pushes and wet Sprinkle a thin layer of the fabric, for 5-10 minutes with a clothes brush wipes.
Two questions afflict humanity - where dust is generated and where the remaining money? The answer house cleaning services to the first question lies in the carpets, which are vacuum storage. Carpets, as well as all other general house cleaning services cleaning time can be cleaned using household chemical means or without the use of chemistry - with a variety of farm available natural resources.
First of all the dust with a vacuum cleaner sucks them or break the carpet with a special swatter. In winter, the dust can be cleaned by rubbing the carpet clean snow. When the carpet cleaned from dust and stains, resort to the surface cleaning.
Already buying a carpet and find out it can not be cleaned. It may be that we simply must wash the carpet with water as it may shrink, change shape. Carpet can be cleaned with a dry fine table salt or baking soda, which izbārsta on the carpet and then sweep with a brush dipped in hot soapy water or a vacuum cleaner to suck. Salt break the remnants house cleaning services of the carpet. Salt can be used instead of dry sawdust, if available.
Carpet regain brightness when it purify water, followed by aqueous ammonia house cleaning services solution (one tablespoon of aqueous ammonia to 1 liter of water), the mixture etiķūdens or beer, or sauerkraut (bright carpet), thicknesses or tea (dark carpet).
Remove grease house cleaning services stains rub the stain with gasoline and washing powder mixture, leave it for a few hours, then washed with hot water. Grease and oil stains can sift starch to absorb the grease, then cleaned with a soft cloth. One can also use soda water. Wall Washing and Cleaning
Every day, do not wash the walls, but now the time is right. If the walls are painted with oil paints, washing with mild soap and water and wipe with a dry cloth. It is to be painted with light oil or enamel paints, preferably with water without soap or soda, as these additives are bleached color. Then the water can be added to aqueous house cleaning services ammonia (1 tablespoon per liter of water). After washing should be wiped with a dry cloth.
Furniture, kitchen house cleaning services appliances, dishes, etc.. - The field is wide. In particular kitchen maintenance work wear rubber gloves and when you implement procedures to household chemicals and if you do it with natural means.
Clean izkrāmēt s drawers and cabinets with a damp cloth or vacuum assistance, then leave some time aerate. house cleaning services Clean appliances inside. To avoid rancidity refrigerator, bread box, and elsewhere, wipe the inner surface house cleaning services with warm water and baking soda mixture or etiķūdeni. Unwanted odors absorbs dish into baking soda or salt. Flies, mosquitoes and small flies at

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